New Materials—July 2019—Main Library
Call Number Author Title
001.944 Godfrey      Linda S Godfrey I know what I saw : modern-day encounters with monsters of new urban legend and ancient lore
005.133 Lee      Wei-Meng Lee Python machine learning
005.262 Kopec      David Kopec Classic computer science problems in python
005.369 Marmel Elaine J Marmel QuickBooks online for dummies
006.301 Bostrom      Nick Bostrom Superintelligence : paths, dangers, strategies
006.3101 Weinberger      David Weinberger Everyday chaos : technology, complexity, and how we're thriving in a new world of possibility
006.693 Fane      Bill Fane AutoCAD for dummies
021.28 Flaherty      Mary Grace Flaherty Promoting individual and community health at the library
070.43 Diakopoulos      Nicholas Diakopoulos Automating the news : how algorithms are rewriting the media
070.4493 Levin      Mark R Levin Unfreedom of the press
128 Fromm      Erich Fromm To have or to be?
128.3 Watts      Alan Watts The book : on the taboo against knowing who you are
133.43 Ahlquist      Diane Ahlquist Moon spells : how to use the phases of the moon to get what you want
133.43 Grossman      Pam Grossman Waking the witch : reflections on women, magic, and power
133.9 Jackson      Laura Lynne Jackson Signs : the secret language of the universe
133.93 Abraham       Abraham Ask and it is given : learning to manifest your desires
152.33 Izadi      Shahroo Izadi The kindness method : change your habits for good using self-compassion and understanding
152.46 Paul      Sheryl Paul The wisdom of anxiety : how worry and intrusive thoughts are gifts to help you heal
153.42 Weinberg      Gabriel Weinberg Super thinking : the big book of mental models
153.8 Dweck      Carol S Dweck Mindset : the new psychology of success
155.232 Pan      Jessica Pan Sorry I'm late, I didn't want to come : one introvert's year of saying yes
155.24 Okorafor      Nnedi Okorafor Broken places & outer spaces : finding creativity in the unexpected
155.332 Lorman      Shelby Lorman Awards for good boys : tales of dating, double standards, and doom
155.333 Steinke      Darcey Steinke Flash count diary : menopause and the vindication of natural life
155.65 Jivani      Jamil Jivani Why young men : the dangerous allure of violent movements and what we can do about it
158 Brown      Brené Brown Daring greatly : how the courage to be vulnerable transforms the way we live, love, parent, and lead
158 Poet  Kanwer Singh Unlearn : 101 simple truths for a better life
158.1 Bishop      Gary John Bishop Stop doing that sh*t : end self-sabotage and demand your life back
158.128 DSimone      Sah D'Simone 5-minute daily meditations : instant wisdom, clarity & calm
158.13 Purser      Ronald E Purser McMindfulness : how mindfulness became the new capitalist spirituality
158.4 Colonna      Jerry Colonna Reboot : leadership and the art of growing up
158.5 Fisher      Roger Fisher Getting to yes : negotiating agreement without giving in
248.8609 McLeod      Pat McLeod Hit Hard: One Family's Journey of Letting Go of What Was--And Learning to Live Well with What Is
294.3927 Shainberg      Lawrence Shainberg Four men shaking : searching for sanity with Samuel Beckett, Norman Mailer, and my perfect Zen teacher
296.4 Eisenberg      Ronald Jd Eisenberg Jewish Traditions: JPS Guide
297.0973 Uddin      Asma T Uddin When Islam is not a religion : inside America's fight for religious freedom
302.2 Erikson      Thomas Erikson Surrounded by idiots : the four types of human behavior and how to effectively communicate with each in business (and in life)
302.2242 Rueckert      Veronica Rueckert Outspoken : why women's voices get silenced and how to set them free
302.231 McCulloch Gretchen McCulloch Because internet : understanding the new rules of language
303.34 Willink      Jocko Willink Extreme ownership : how U.S. Navy SEALs lead and win
303.4833 Benjamin      Ruha Benjamin Race after technology : abolitionist tools for the new Jim code
303.4833 ONeil      Cathy O'Neil Weapons of math destruction : how big data increases inequality and threatens democracy
303.484 McCann      Anthony McCann Shadowlands : fear and freedom at the Oregon standoff : a western tale of America in crisis
303.6097 Abt      Thomas Abt Bleeding out : the devastating consequences of urban violence--and a bold new plan for peace in the streets
304.2 Washington      Harriet A Washington A terrible thing to waste : environmental racism and its assault on the American mind
304.663 Power      Samantha Power A problem from hell : America and the age of genocide
305.42 Suh      Krista Suh DIY rules for a WTF world : how to speak up, get creative, and change the world
305.48 Johnson      Akemi Johnson Night in the American village : women in the shadow of the U.S. military bases in Okinawa
305.552 Young      Michael Dunlop Young The rise of the meritocracy
305.8 Inazu      John D Inazu Confident pluralism : surviving and thriving through deep difference
305.8 Nelson      Jimmy Nelson Jimmy Nelson Homage to Humanity
305.8009 Hargrave      Courtney Hargrave Burden : a preacher, a klansman, and a true story of redemption in the modern South
306 Pastiloff      Jennifer Pastiloff On being human : a memoir of waking up, living real, and listening hard
306.0947 Pomerantsev      Peter Pomerantsev Nothing Is True and Everything Is Possible: The Surreal Heart of the New Russia
306.0973 Sheridan      Thomas F Sheridan Helping the good do better : how a white hat lobbyist advocates for social change
306.36 Anderson      Elizabeth Anderson Private Government : How Employers Rule Our Lives and Why We Don't Talk About It
306.7082 Taddeo      Lisa Taddeo Three women
306.76 Espinoza      Alex Espinoza Crusing : an intimate history of a radical pastime
306.766 Lopez      Russ Lopez The hub of the gay universe : an LGBTQ history of Boston, Provincetown, and beyond
306.766 Pasfield Scott Pasfield Gay in America
306.8743 Astrof      Liz Astrof Don't wait up : confessions of a stay-at-work mom
320.12 Volner      Ian Volner The great great wall : along the borders of history from China to Mexico
320.569 Stern Alexandra Stern Proud boys and the white ethnostate : how the alt-right is warping the American imagination
320.9182 Reid-Henry      Simon Reid-Henry Empire of democracy : the remaking of the West since the Cold War, 1971-2017
321.8 Taylor      Astra Taylor Democracy may not exist, but we'll miss it when it's gone
327.1273 Mendez      Antonio J Mendez The Moscow rules : the secret CIA tactics that helped America win the Cold War
327.1273 Mudd      Philip Mudd Black site : the CIA in the post-9/11 world
327.7291 Garbus      Martin Garbus North of Havana : the untold story of dirty politics, secret diplomacy, and the trial of the Cuban Five
330.1 Hayek      Friedrich A von Hayek The road to serfdom : text and documents
331.0973 Guendelsberger      Emily Guendelsberger On the clock : what low-wage work did to me and how it drives America insane
332.024 Rickards James Rickards Aftermath : seven secrets of wealth preservation in the coming chaos
332.024 Robin      Vicki Robin Your money or your life : 9 steps to transforming your relationship with money and achieving financial independence
332.6324 Greene      David Greene Buy, rehab, rent, refinance, repeat : the BRRRR rental property investment strategy made simple
333.794 Skelly      Russell Gold Superpower : one man's quest to transform American energy
338.7097 OMara      Margaret Pugh O'Mara The Code : Silicon Valley and the remaking of America
340.072 Tucker      Virginia Tucker Finding the Answers to Legal Questions
341.242 Wallwork      Nicholas Wallwork Brexit
342.73 Fallon      Richard H Fallon Law and legitimacy in the Supreme Court
342.7302 Wehle      Kim Wehle How to read the Constitution and why
343.7306 Kohler      Mark Kohler The Tax and Legal Playbook: Game-Changing Solutions to Your Small Business Questions
345.753 Derose      Chris DeRose Star spangled scandal : sex, murder, and the trial that changed America
346.066 Mancuso        Incorporate your business.
347.7326 Hulse      Carl Hulse Confirmation bias : inside Washington's war over the Supreme Court, from Scalia's death to Justice Kavanaugh
355.8251 Kean      Sam Kean The bastard brigade : the true story of the renegade scientists and spies who sabotaged the Nazi atomic bomb
362.175 Gawande      Atul Gawande Being mortal : medicine and what matters in the end
362.29 Jenkins      Tiffany, Jenkins High achiever : the incredible true story of one addict's double life
362.293 Rieder      Travis Rieder In pain : a bioethicist's personal struggle with opioids
362.4092 Laspina      Nadina LaSpina Such a pretty girl : a story of struggle, empowerment, and disability pride
362.5097 Arnade      Chris Arnade Dignity : seeking respect in back row America
362.7609 Glatt John Glatt The family next door : the heartbreaking imprisonment of the thirteen Turpin siblings and their extraordinary rescue
363.232 Michel      Arthur Holland Michel Eyes in the sky : the secret rise of Gorgon Stare and how it will watch us all
363.25 McManus      Cathy McManus Unsolved New England : 20 cases that rocked the region
363.254 Brundage      W Fitzhugh Brundage Civilizing torture : an American tradition
363.325 Clarke Richard A Clarke The fifth domain : defending our country, our companies, and ourselves in the age of cyber threats
363.325 Sesay      Isha Sesay Beneath the tamarind tree : a story of courage, family, and the lost schoolgirls of Boko Haram
363.6909 Chanel      Gerri Chanel Saving Mona Lisa : the battle to protect the Louvre and its treasures from the Nazis
364.1523 ONeill      Tom O'Neill Chaos : Charles Manson, the CIA, and the secret history of the sixties
364.168 Fazzini      Kate Fazzini Kingdom of lies : unnerving adventures in the world of cybercrime
391 Ford      Tanisha C Ford Dressed in dreams : a black girl's love letter to the power of fashion
510 Orlin      Ben Orlin Math with bad drawings : illuminating the ideas that shape our reality
531.14 Panek      Richard Panek The trouble with gravity : solving the mystery beneath our feet
540 Moore      John T Moore Chemistry essentials for dummies
551.63 Blum      Andrew Blum The weather machine : a journey inside the forecast
591 Laplante      Matthew D LaPlante Superlative : the biology of extremes
591.9681 Owens      Mark Owens Cry of the Kalahari
597.3 McKeever      William McKeever Emperors of the deep : sharks--the ocean's most mysterious, most misunderstood, and most important guardians
599.935 Rutherford      Adam Rutherford A brief history of everyone who ever lived : the human story retold through our genes
610.289 Gawande      Atul Gawande The checklist manifesto : how to get things right
613.25 Yeo      Giles Yeo Gene eating : the science of obesity and the truth about dieting
615.3219 Blankenship Jana Blankenship Wild beauty : wisdom & recipes for natural self-care
615.8514 Khazan      Inna Khazan Biofeedback and Mindfulness in Everyday Life: Practical Solutions for Improving Your Health and Performance
616.0277 Skloot      Rebecca Skloot The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks
616.12 Warraich Haider Warraich State of the heart : exploring the history, science, and future of cardiac disease
616.8498 Harris      Shelby Harris The women's guide to overcoming insomnia : get a good night's sleep without relying on medication
616.8498 Leschziner Guy Leschziner The nocturnal brain : nightmares, neuroscience, and the secret world of sleep
616.8522 Winston      Sally Winston Overcoming unwanted intrusive thoughts : a CBT-based guide to getting over frightening, obsessive, or disturbing thoughts
616.8588 Simone      Rudy Simone 22 Things a Woman with Asperger's Syndrome Wants Her Partner to Know
616.8603 Foote        Beyond addiction : how science and kindness help people change
616.8914 Burns      David D Burns The feeling good handbook
629.8924 Duncan      David Ewing Duncan Talking to robots : tales from our human-robot futures
635.965 Oakes      Summer Rayne Oakes How to make a plant love you : cultivate green space in your home and heart
635.9775 Van Driesche      Emmet Van Driesche Carving out a living on the land : lessons in resourcefulness and craft from an unusual Christmas tree farm
636.71 Hajeski      Nancy J Hajeski Every dog : the ultimate guide to over 450 dog breeds
639.2756 Malarkey      Tucker Malarkey Stronghold : one man's quest to save the world's wild salmon
640.5946 Pizarro      José Pizarro Andalusia : recipes from Seville and beyond
641.5 Risbridger      Ella Risbridger Midnight chicken : (& other recipes worth living for)
641.5092 Gordinier      Jeff Gordinier Hungry : eating, road-tripping, and risking it all with the greatest chef in the world
641.5097 Alexander      Kevin Alexander Burn the ice : the American culinary revolution and its end
641.54 Bowen      Sarah Bowen Pressure cooker : why home cooking won't solve our problems and what we can do about it
641.5636 Jones      Anna Jones The modern cook's year : more than 250 vibrant vegetarian recipes to see you through the seasons
641.5637 Larson      Ivy Ingram Larson Clean cuisine cookbook : 130+ anti-inflammatory recipes to heal your gut, treat autoimmune conditions, and optimize your health
641.5638 Holley      Kyndra Holley Dairy-free keto cooking : a nutritional approach to restoring health and wellness with 160 squeaky-clean low-carb, high-fat recipes
641.568 Kayne      Jenni Kayne Pacific natural : simple seasonal entertaining
641.578 Aikman      Valerie Aikman-Smith Feast from the fire : 65 summer recipes to cook and share outdoors
641.578 Citrin      Josiah Citrin Charcoal : new ways to cook with fire
641.578 Ly      Linda Ly The Backyard Fire Cookbook: Get Outside and Master Ember Roasting, Charcoal Grilling, Cast-Iron Cooking, and Live-Fire Feasting
641.587 Grodan      Jake Grodan The new pressure cooker cookbook : a tantalizing collection of over 175 delicious recipes for quick, easy & healthy meals
641.5945 Adimando      Stacy Adimando Piatti : plates and platters for sharing, inspired by Italy
641.5946 Barragon      Nieves Barragán Mohacho Sabor : flavours from a Spanish kitchen
641.5946 Mitsch      Stephan Mitsch Barcelona cult recipes
641.595 Chang      David Chang Momofuku
641.595 Smith      ChihYu Smith Asian paleo : easy, fresh recipes to make ahead or enjoy right now from I heart umami
641.616 Budiaman      Will Budiaman Real BBQ: The Ultimate Step-By-Step Smoker Cookbook
641.616 Jamison      Cheryl Alters Jamison Smoke & spice : cooking with smoke, the real way to barbecue
641.616 Levin      Jake Levin Smokehouse handbook : comprehensive techniques & specialty recipes for smoking meat, fish & vegetables
641.616 Phillips      Jeff Phillips Smoking meat : the essential guide to real barbecue
641.6379 Hua      Stephanie Hua Edibles : small bites for the modern cannabis kitchen
641.76 Carroll      Joe Carroll The Artisanal Kitchen: Barbecue Rules: Lessons and Recipes for Superior Smoking and Grilling
641.76 Jautaikis      Peter Jautaikis The Wood Pellet Smoker and Grill Cookbook: Recipes and Techniques for the Most Flavorful and Delicious Barbecue
641.76 Riches      Derrick Riches Kebabs : 75 spectacular recipes for grilling
641.76 Total Grilling        The total grilling manual : 264 essentials for cooking with fire
641.822 Amano      Hugh Amano Let's make ramen! : a comic book cookbook
641.8248 Karmel      Elizabeth Karmel Pizza on the grill : 100+ feisty fire-roasted recipes for pizza & more
641.8248 Mirarchi      Carlo Mirarchi Roberta's
641.86 Fong      Rachel Fong Kawaii sweet world : 75 yummy recipes for baking that's (almost) too cute to eat
641.86 Rucker      Nicole Rucker Dappled : baking recipes for fruit lovers
641.862 Malek      Tyler Malek Salt & Straw ice cream cookbook
641.8653 Sear      Juliet Sear Botanical baking : contemporary baking and cake decorating with edible flowers and herbs
643.2 Schapdick      Chris Schapdick The Joy of Tiny House Living : everything you need to know before taking the plunge
643.3 Archer      Sarah Archer The midcentury kitchen : America's favorite room : from workspace to dreamscape, 1940s-1970s
646.404 Jansdotter      Lotta Jansdotter Everyday style : key pieces to sew + accessories, styling & inspiration
646.407 Ito      Naomi Ito The Nani Iro Sewing Studio: 18 Timeless Patterns to Sew, Wear & Love
646.48 Dayton      Hilarie Wakefield Dayton Sew bags : the practical guide to making purses, totes, clutches & more : 13 skill-building projects
646.7 How      Inc Skimm How to Skimm your life
646.7 Northrup      Kate Northrup Do less : a revolutionary approach to time and energy management for busy moms
647.9573 Chandler      Adam Chandler Drive-thru dreams : a journey through the heart of America's fast-food kingdom
648.5 Mellen      Andrew J Mellen Unstuff your life! : kick the clutter habit and completely organize your life for good
649.1 Lansbury      Janet Lansbury Elevating child care : a guide to respectful parenting
649.1 Wojcicki      Esther Wojcicki How to raise successful people : simple lessons for radical results
650.1 Cardone Grant Cardone Be obsessed or be average
650.1 Irwin      Neil Irwin How to win in a winner-take-all world : the definitive guide to adapting and succeeding in high-performance careers
650.1 Pollak      Lindsey Pollak The remix : how to lead and succeed in the multigenerational workplace
650.1208 Stanny      Barbara Stanny Secrets of six-figure women : surprising strategies to up your earnings and change your life
650.13 Zack      Devora Zack Networking for people who hate networking : a field guide for introverts, the overwhelmed, and the underconnected
658.11 Sivers      Derek Sivers Anything you want : 40 lessons for a new kind of entrepreneur
658.1522 Kupor      Scott Kupor Secrets of Sand Hill Road : venture capital and how to get it
658.404 Guide        A guide to the project management body of knowledge
658.872 Staples      Tim Staples Break through the noise : the nine rules to capture global attention
700.74 Shister      Neil Shister Radical ritual : how Burning Man changed the world
704.9434 Rainey      Jenna Rainey Everyday watercolor flowers : a modern guide to painting blooms, leaves, and stems step by step
720.9744 Meltsner Heli Meltsner The arts and crafts houses of Massachusetts : a style rediscovered
741.6092 Wheeler      Alina Wheeler Designing brand identity : an essential guide for the entire branding team
745.61 Calligraphy        Calligraphy & lettering : a maker's guide.
745.61 Holiday       Lark Crafts Holiday Hand Lettering: 30 Festive Projects to Celebrate Christmas
745.92 Potter      Anna Potter Flower fix : modern arrangements for a daily dose of nature
746.432 Cox      Nicole F Cox Amazing Loom Knits: Cables, Colorwork, Lace and Other Stitches * 30 Scarves, Hats, Mittens, Bags and Shawls * Plus All the Basics
746.46 Fassett      Kaffe Fassett Kaffe Fassett's sew simple quilts & patchworks : 17 designs using Kaffe Fassett's artisan fabrics.
746.9209 Goodman      Tonne Goodman Point of view : four decades of defining style
781.2 Vorderman      Carol Vorderman Help your kids with music : a unique step-by-step visual guide
781.66 Zevon      CM Kushins Nothing's bad luck : the lives of Warren Zevon
781.6609 Bovey      Seth Bovey Five years ahead of my time : garage rock from the 1950s to the present
782.4216 Folds      Ben Folds A Dream about Lightning Bugs: A Life of Music and Cheap Lessons
782.4216 Johnson      Bruce M Conforth Up jumped the Devil : the real life of Robert Johnson
783.043 Friedlander      Claudia Friedlander Complete vocal fitness : a singer's guide to physical training, anatomy, and biomechanics
791.4502 Salata      Sheri Salata The beautiful no : and other tales of trial, transcendence, and transformation
791.4502 Staczynski      J Michael Straczynski Becoming Superman : my journey from poverty to Hollywood with stops along the way at murder, madness, mayhem, movie stars, cults, slums, sociopaths, and war crimes
791.4575 Nussbaum      Emily Nussbaum I like to watch : arguing my way through the TV revolution
792.7092 Holmes      Pete Holmes Comedy sex god
796.323 Iguodala      Andre Iguodala The Sixth Man : a memoir
796.3576 Selig      Bud Selig For the good of the game : the inside story of the surprising and dramatic transformation of Major League Baseball
796.8309 Coffin      Jaed Coffin Roughhouse Friday : a memoir
797.124 Orton      Erik Orton Seven at sea : why a New York City family cast off convention for a life-changing year on a sailboat
808.0663 Garner      Bryan a Garner Legal Writing in Plain English: A Text with Exercises
808.0666 Bly      Robert W Bly The copywriters's handbook : a step-by-step guide to writing copy that sells
809.031 Kellogg Michael K Kellogg The wisdom of the Renaissance
813.52 Duggan      Lisa Duggan Mean girl : Ayn Rand and the culture of greed
813.54 Almond      Steve Almond William Stoner and the battle for the inner life
813.54 Burroughs      Casey Rae William S. Burroughs & the cult of rock 'n' roll
814.0098 Shapes        Shapes of Native nonfiction : collected essays by contemporary writers
814.54 Baldwin James Baldwin Collected essays
818.5409 Segal      Lore Groszmann Segal The journal I did not keep : new and selected writing
818.602 Carroll      E Jean Carroll What do we need men for? : a modest proposal
821.1 Chaucer      Marion Turner Chaucer : a European life
823.914 Gray      Alasdair Gray Of me and others : for Morag, Mora, Andrew, Bert, Katriona, Tracy, Maff, Jim, Libby and Alexandra in Scotland, England and the U.S.A.
823.92 Winspear      Jacqueline Winspear What would Maisie do? : inspiration from the pages of Maisie Dobbs
828.809 Kipling      Christopher E G Benfey If : the untold story of Kipling's American years
838.912 Benjamin      Walter Benjamin The Storyteller Essays
910.4 Richards      Dan Richards Outpost : a journey to the wild ends of the earth
910.4092 Kepnes Matt Kepnes Ten years a nomad : a traveler's journey home
914.391 Rick        Rick Steves' Budapest.
914.3912 DK        Budapest.
914.4 DK   France.
914.563 DK         Rome.
914.563 Rough        The rough guide to Rome.
914.7 Rick   Rick Steves' Eastern Europe.
914.721 DK        St. Petersburg.
914.89 DK        Eyewitness travel Denmark.
914.91 Bradt        The Bradt travel guide. Faroe Islands.
914.912 Lonely        Iceland's ring road : road trips.
914.9512 DK        Athens.
914.959 Rough        The rough guide. Crete.
915.125 Lonely         Hong Kong.
915.21 Tuttle    Rob Goss Tokyo : capital of cool : Tokyo's most famous sights from Asakusa to Harajuku
915.61 Fodors        Fodor's essential Turkey.
915.986 Lonely       Lonely Planet Lonely Planet Bali, Lombok & Nusa Tenggara
917.1411 Souders      Paul Souders Arctic solitaire : a boat, a bay, and the quest for the perfect bear
917.28 Lonely        Central America.
917.281 Lonely         Guatemala.
917.282 Lonely         Belize.
917.3 Bradt        USA by rail.
917.4 DK      Patricia Harris Top 10. New England
917.41 Explorers        Maine : an explorer's guide.
917.4811 Frommers        Frommer's Philadelphia day by day.
917.59 DK   Florida
919.3 DK         New Zealand.
919.3 Fodors      Fodor's essential New Zealand.
[College] 378.3042 Tanabe         The ultimate scholarship book.
[Test] ACT Barrons      Brian Stewart ACT Premium Study Guide with 6 Practice Tests
[Test] Accuplacer Dummies      Mark Zegarelli Next-generation accuplacer for dummies with online practice tests
[Test] MCAT   MCAT behavioral sciences review.
[Test] MCAT Biology Kaplan        MCAT biology review
[Test] MCAT Physics   MCAT physics and math review.
Large Print
Call Number Author Title
LP 320.092 Holbrooke      George Packer Our man : Richard Holbrooke and the end of the American century
LP 345.744 Roberston, Cara      Cara Robertson The trial of Lizzie Borden : a true story
LP 363.325 Sesay, Isha      Isha Sesay Beneath the tamarind tree : a story of courage, family, and the lost schoolgirls of Boko Haram
LP 940.5421 Kershaw      Alex Kershaw The first wave : the D-Day warriors who led the way to victory in World War II