New Materials—June 2019
Central Square Branch Library
Call Number Author Title
FICTION Atwood, Margaret      Margaret Atwood Penelopiad
FICTION Ellroy, James      James Ellroy This storm : a novel
FICTION Erdrich, Louise      Louise Erdrich The plague of doves
FICTION Foulds, Adam      Adam Foulds Dream sequence
FICTION Ginder, Grant      Grant Ginder Honestly, we meant well
FICTION Hornby, Nick      Nick Hornby State of the union : a marriage in ten parts
FICTION Kantaria, Annabel      Annabel Kantaria I know you : a novel of suspense
FICTION Koch, Herman      Herman Koch The ditch : a novel
FICTION Kwok, Jean      Jean Kwok Searching for Sylvie Lee : a novel
FICTION Lahiri, Jhumpa      Jhumpa Lahiri Interpreter of maladies : stories
FICTION Lim, Roselle      Roselle Lim Natalie Tan's book of luck and fortune
FICTION Mackintosh, Clare      Clare Mackintosh After the end
FICTION Maguire, Gregory      Gregory Maguire Wicked : the life and times of the wicked witch of the West : a novel
FICTION Mancusi, Nicholas      Nicholas Mancusi A philosophy of ruin
FICTION McCarthy, Cormac      Cormac McCarthy The road
FICTION McCarthy, Cormac      Cormac McCarthy No country for old men
FICTION Patterson, James      James Patterson Unsolved
FICTION Smith, Zadie      Zadie Smith On beauty : a novel
FICTION Walker, Caroline Louise      Caroline Louise Walker Man of the year
FICTION Walker, Wendy      Wendy Walker The night before
FICTION Wilk, Elvia      Elvia Wilk Oval
FICTION Wolff, Jake      Jake Wolff The history of living forever
FICTION Woods, Stuart      Stuart Woods Skin game
MYSTERY Mina, Denise      Denise Mina Conviction
MYSTERY Montclair, Allison      Allison Montclair The right sort of man
SCI FIC Card, Orson Scott      Orson Scott Card The hive
[PB] FICTION B      Tyrone Bentley Pearl tongue
[PB] FICTION M      Mary B Morrison The one I've waited for
[PB] ROMANCE F      Christine Feehan Shadow warrior
[PB] ROMANCE G      Jasmine Guillory The wedding date
[PB] ROMANCE M      Debbie Mason Barefoot beach
Call Number Author Title
070.92 Welteroth      Elaine Welteroth More than enough : claiming space for who you are (no matter what they say)
248 Evans      Rachel Held Evans Inspired : slaying giants, walking on water, and loving the Bible again
306.7662 Wolf      Naomi Wolf Outrages : sex, censorship, and the criminalization of love
306.8 Gottman      John Mordechai Gottman Eight dates : essential conversations for a lifetime of love
306.874 Blackstone     Amy Blackstone Childfree by choice : the movement redefining family and creating a new age of independence
598.0723 Minetor      Randi Minetor Birding New England : a field guide to the birds of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont
787.89 Ultimate        The ultimate ukulele fake book.
818.602 Barry      Dave Barry Lessons from Lucy : the simple joys of an old, happy dog
LP 817.54 Barry, Dave      Dave Barry Lessons from Lucy : the simple joys of an old, happy dog
DVDs and Blu-Rays
Call Number Author Title
BLU FIV   Five feet apart
BLU MAD   Tyler Perry's a Madea family funeral
BLU MAN   The man who killed Don Quixote
DVD CAP        Captive state
DVD J WON        Wonder Park
DVD TOM 1        Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Season 1.
Children's and Young Adult Fiction
Call Number Author Title
J [Fiction] ALE Kwame Alexander The crossover
J [Fiction] BAR Mac Barnett The Terrible Two get worse
J [Fiction] BAR Kelly Regan Barnhill The girl who drank the moon
J [Fiction] BAR Mac Barnett The Terrible Two go wild
J [Fiction] BEN Jim Benton The Frandidate
J [Fiction] BEN Jim Benton The Fran with four brains
J [Fiction] BEN Jim Benton The Fran that time forgot
J [Fiction] BEN Jim Benton Attack of the 50-ft. Cupid
J [Fiction] BLA Aaron Blabey The Bad Guys in Mission unpluckable
J [Fiction] BLA Aaron Blabey The bad guys in Superbad
J [Fiction] BLU Judy Blume Tales of a fourth grade nothing
J [Fiction] BON Michael Bond A bear called Paddington
J [Fiction] BOW Fred Bowen Lucky enough
J [Fiction] CAR Pablo Cartaya The epic fail of Arturo Zamora
J [Fiction] DIC Kate DiCamillo Because of Winn-Dixie
J [Fiction] DIC Peter Dickinson The ropemaker
J [Fiction] HOL K A Holt House arrest
J [Fiction] JAN Tove Jansson The Moomins and the great flood
J [Fiction] LAN Derek Landy Mortal coil
J [Fiction] LAN Derek Landy Resurrection
J [Fiction] LAN Derek Landy Midnight
J [Fiction] LAN Derek Landy Bedlam
J [Fiction] LEW C S Lewis The lion, the witch, and the wardrobe
J [Fiction] MLY Sarah Mlynowski Showing off
J [Fiction] MLY Sarah Mlynowski Sticks & stones
J [Fiction] PRA Terry Pratchett The Wee Free Men
J [Fiction] RAS Ellen Raskin The Westing game
J [Fiction] ROW J K Rowling Tales of Beedle the Bard
J [Fiction] SAG Angie Sage Magyk
J [Fiction] TIN Tim Tingle Stone River crossing
J [Fiction] VAN Vivian Vande Velde 8 class pets + 1 squirrel [divided by] 1 dog = chaos
J [Fiction] VAN Vivian Vande Velde Squirrel in the museum
J [Fiction] VAN  Vivian Vande Velde Squirrel in the house
J [Series] ABB Tony Abbott Journey to the volcano palace
J [Series] ADL David A Adler The birthday mystery
J [Series] APP Katherine Applegate The message
J [Series] APP Katherine Applegate The visitor
J [Series] APP Katherine Applegate The stranger
J [Series] APP Katherine Applegate The invasion
J [Series] BAR Annie Barrows Ivy and Bean break the fossil record
J [Series] DAD Debbie Dadey Vampires don't wear polka dots
J [Series] DAD Debbie Dadey Unicorns don't give sleigh rides
J [Series] DAD Debbie Dadey Ghosts don't eat potato chips
J [Series] DAD Debbie Dadey Werewolves don't go to summer camp
J [Series] MAR Ann M Martin Claudia and the phantom phone calls
J [Series] MAR Ann M Martin The truth about Stacey
J [GRAPHIC] Garfield v2   Garfield. Snack pack. Volume two
J [GRAPHIC] Geronimo Stilton v2 Geronimo Stilton Geronimo Stilton Reporter #2: It's My Scoop!
J [GRAPHIC] Persepolis Marjane Satrapi Persepolis
J [GRAPHIC] Spider-Man Will Corona Pilgrim Spider-Man: far from home prelude
J [GRAPHIC] Stinky Eleanor Davis Stinky : a Toon Book
J [Beginning] ADL David A Adler Young Cam Jansen and the lost tooth
J [Beginning] ADL David A Adler Bones and the cupcake mystery
J [Beginning] ADL David A Adler Young Cam Jansen and the baseball mystery
J [Beginning] ADL David A Adler Young Cam Jansen : and the double beach mystery
J [Beginning] BAC Karen Backstein The blind men and the elephant
J [Beginning] CAZ Denys Cazet Minnie and Moo, wanted dead or alive
J [Beginning] EGA Tim Egan Dodsworth in New York
J [Beginning] LOB Arnold Lobel Small pig.
J [Beginning] MAC Jeff Mack Mr. Monkey takes a hike
J [Beginning] MAR Edward Marshall Three by the sea
J [Beginning] MAR James Marshall Fox be nimble
J [Beginning] MIN Else Holmelund Minarik Cat and dog
J [Beginning] MIN Else Holmelund Minarik Little Bear's visit
J [Beginning] OCO Jane O'Connor Fancy Nancy sees stars
J [Beginning] OCO Jane O'Connor Fancy Nancy at the museum
J [Beginning] OCO Jane O'Connor Fancy Nancy and the boy from Paris
J [Beginning] PAR Herman Parish Bravo, Amelia Bedelia!
J [Beginning] PAR Peggy Parish No more monsters for me!
J [Beginning] RYL Cynthia Rylant Poppleton everyday
J [Beginning] RYL Cynthia Rylant Henry and Mudge and the forever sea : the sixth book of their adventures
J [Beginning] RYL Cynthia Rylant Mr. Putter and Tabby walk the dog
J [Beginning] RYL Cynthia Rylant Henry and Mudge and the happy cat : the eighth book of their adventures
J [Beginning] RYL Cynthia Rylant Poppleton has fun
J [Beginning] RYL Cynthia Rylant Henry and Mudge and the long weekend : the eleventh book of their adventures
J [Beginning] SCH Lola M Schaefer Loose tooth
J [Beginning] THO Shelley Moore Thomas Good night, good knight
J [SP Fiction] ROW      J K Rowling Harry Potter y el prisionero de Azkaban
J [SP] Fiction ROW       J K Rowling Harry Potter y la cámara secreta
Children's Picture Books
Call Number Author Title
J [Picture] ASH Bernard Ashley Cleversticks
J [Picture] ASH Linda Ashman Outside my window
J [Picture] BAN Kate Banks Noah builds an ark
J [Picture] BAN Molly Bang When Sophie gets angry-- really, really angry--
J [Picture] BEE William Bee William Bee's wonderful world of trains and bloats and planes
J [Picture] BEM Ludwig Bemelmans Madeline in London
J [Picture] BEM Ludwig Bemelmans Madeline and the bad hat
J [Picture] BOD S A Bodeen We'll paint the octopus red
J [Picture] COO Helen Cooper Pumpkin soup
J [Picture] COU Lucy Cousins Maisy's amazing big book of learning
J [Picture] DIS Steffi Fletcher Walt Disney's Pinocchio
J [Picture] EHL Lois Ehlert Eating the alphabet
J [Picture] FAL  Cathryn Falwell Feast for 10
J [Picture] FLO Brian Floca Five trucks
J [Picture] GRE Margaret Chiu Greanias Maximillian Villainous
J [Picture] JEN Steve Jenkins Move!
J [Picture] JOH  Stephen Johnson Alphabet city
J [Picture] KEA Ezra Jack Keats Pet show
J [Picture] LAD Bunmi Laditan The big bed
J [Picture] LIE Brian Lies Bats at the ballgame
J [Picture] LIN Grace Lin Kite flying
J [Picture] LIN Grace Lin Dim sum for everyone!
J [Picture] LON Jonathan London Froggy plays soccer
J [Picture] LOR John Vernon Lord The giant jam sandwich
J [Picture] LUK Kyle Lukoff When Aidan became a brother
J [Picture] MAR James Marshall The three little pigs
J [Picture] MAY Mercer Mayer The new baby
J [Picture] MAY James Mayhew Ella Bella ballerina and the magic toyshop
J [Picture] MAY James Mayhew Ella Bella ballerina and A Midsummer night's dream
J [Picture] MAY   When I get bigger
J [Picture] MAY Mercer Mayer We are moving
J [Picture] MCB Sam McBratney Guess how much I love you
J [Picture] MCG Alison McGhee Countdown to kindergarten
J [Picture] NAD Yves Nadon We are brothers
J [Picture] OTC Kathryn Otoshi One
J [Picture] PAW Fabrizio Petrossi Puppy birthday to you!
J [Picture] POL Patricia Polacco Thank you, Mr. Falker
J [Picture] RIC Eve Rice Sam who never forgets
J [Picture] RIN Faith Ringgold Aunt Harriet's Underground Railroad in the sky
J [Picture] RIT Alison Ritchie Me and my dad!
J [Picture] ROG Fred Rogers Extraordinary friends
J [Picture] ROG Fred Rogers The new baby
J [Picture] SAU Tammi Sauer Knock knock
J [Picture] SCA Richard Scarry Richard Scarry's busy, busy town.
J [Picture] SEG Lore Groszmann Segal Tell me a Mitzi
J [Picture] SEU Dr Seuss Happy birthday to you!
J [Picture] SEU Theo LeSieg The tooth book
J [Picture] SEU Dr Seuss Horton hatches the egg,
J [Picture] SEU Dr Seuss And to think that I saw it on Mulberry Street
J [Picture] SEUSS Dr Seuss Hop on Pop,
J [Picture] SON Mika Song Picnic with Oliver
J [Picture] SPA Kerry Lyn Sparrow Sleep, sheep!
J [Picture] STE Lizzy Stewart There's a tiger in the garden
J [Picture] SUL Rosana Sullivan Mommy sayang
J [Picture] THO Theresa Thorn It feels good to be yourself : a book about gender identity
J [Picture] VAR Sara Varon Hold hands
J [Picture] WEL Rosemary Wells Timothy goes to school
J [Picture] YOU Jessica Young Pet this book
J [Picture] YOU Jessica Young Play this book
J [Board]      Andrea Griffing Zimmerman Dig!
J [Board]      Tad Hills Duck & Goose 1 2 3
J [Board]      Yusuke Yonezu We love each other
J [Board]      Olivier Dunrea Gossie & Gertie
J [Board]      P D Eastman The alphabet book
J [Board]      Eric Hill Spot says please
J [Board]      Jean Marzollo Mama, Mama ; Papa, Papa
J [Board]      Anne Gutman Mommy loves
J [Board]      Tad Hills Duck & Goose
J [Board]      Olivier Dunrea Gemma & Gus : big sister, little brother
J [Board]      Mary Murphy Quick duck!
J [Board]      Olivier Dunrea Gideon & Otto : best friends, lost and found
J [Board]      Olivier Dunrea BooBoo
J [Board]      Tad Hills Duck & Goose colors
J [Board]      Apple Jordan Big enough for a bed
J [Board]      Maya Ajmera To be a kid
J [Board]      Stan Berenstain The Berenstain bears inside outside upside down
J [Board]      Caroline Church Potty Time!
J [Board]      Michael Dahl Little dinos don't bite
J [Board]      Anne Gutman Daddy dreams
J [Board]      Anne Gutman Mommy snuggles
J [Board]        Global babies = Bebés del mundo
J [Board]      Olivier Dunrea Ollie
J [Board]      Olivier Dunrea Gideon : it's play time, not naptime!
J [Little] CAR  Eric Carle A house for Hermit Crab
Children's Non-Fiction
Call Number Author Title
J 177.2 Verdick      Elizabeth Verdick Words are not for hurting
J 293.13 D'Aulaire      Ingri D'Aulaire D'Aulaires' book of Norse myths
J 323.0922 We Selina Alko We are the change : words of inspiration from civil rights leaders
J 385 Simon      Seymour Simon Seymour Simon's book of trains.
J 394.262 Gibbons      Gail Gibbons St. Patrick's Day
J 398.2 Fleischman      Paul Fleischman Glass slipper, gold sandal : a worldwide Cinderella
J 398.2 Singer      Isaac Bashevis Singer Zlateh the goat and other stories
J 398.2 Steptoe      John Steptoe Mufaro's beautiful daughters : an African tale
J 398.2 Wilde      Oscar Wilde The selfish giant
J 398.2096 McDermott      Gerald McDermott Anansi the spider : a tale from the Ashanti
J 507.8 Cobb      Vicki Cobb Science experiments you can eat
J 523.4 Gibbons      Gail Gibbons The planets
J 523.8 Rey      H A Rey Find the constellations
J 531.6 Hammond      Richard Hammond Can you feel the force?
J 535 Trumbauer      Lisa Trumbauer All about light
J 581.467 Aston      Dianna Hutts Aston A seed is sleepy
J 794.8 Cox      Alexander Cox Roblox top role-playing games
J 811.608 Proper        The proper way to meet a hedgehog : and other how-to poems
J 883.01 Osborne Mary Pope Osborne Tales from the Odyssey
J 912 Hesselberth      Joyce Hesselberth Mapping Sam
J [P/T] 618.9284 Pantley      Elizabeth Pantley The no-cry sleep solution : gentle ways to help your baby sleep through the night
JB Bean      Dean Robbins The astronaut who painted the moon : the true story of Alan Bean
JB Mandela      Zindzi Mandela Grandad Mandela
JB Noah       Trevor Noah It's Trevor Noah : born a crime : stories from a South African childhood