New Materials—June 2019—Main Library
DVDs and Blu-Rays
Call Number Title
BLU BES The best years of our lives
BLU HOU Shi mian mai fu = House of flying daggers
BLU NEV Never look away
BLU SHE 1 Sherlock. Season one
BLU SHE 2 Sherlock. Season two
BLU WAI Goksung = The wailing
DVD 303.48 KOY      Koyaanisqatsi = Life out of balance
DVD 303.48 POW      Powaqqatsi = Life in transformation
DVD 303.483 NAQ      Naqoyqatsi = Life as war
DVD 372.11 TO      Être et avoir = To be and to have
DVD 641.337 COF      Coffee the drink that changed America.
DVD 746.92 LAM      L'amour fou.
DVD 751.45 BOB      Bob Ross 3-hour workshop DVD.
DVD 781.64 LEO      Live in London
DVD 821.9 WB      W. B. Yeats
DVD 916.69 NIG      Nigeria.
DVD 956.704 NO      No end in sight.
DVD 998 CHA      Chasing Shackleton.
DVD AFF      Leo McCarey's An affair to remember
DVD AFT      After hours
DVD AGE      Age of uprising : the legend of Michael Kohlhaas
DVD ALB      Albatross
DVD ALE      Alexander
DVD ALM      Almost famous
DVD ALP      Alpeis = Alps
DVD AUT Sanma no aji
DVD BAD 1      Bad banks
DVD BEA      Beau travail
DVD BEF      The before trilogy : three films by Richard Linklater / directed by Richard Linklater.
DVD BES      Best in show
DVD BES 1      Best of film noir. Vol. 1.
DVD BET      La bête humaine = [The human beast]
DVD BEY      Beyond the black rainbow
DVD BLE The Bletchley circle. San Francisco.
DVD BRI      Bridal suite
DVD BRI 1      The bridge = Bron = Broen. Series 1
DVD CAS 1      Castle. The complete first season.
DVD CAS 4      Castle. The complete fourth season
DVD CAS 6      Castle. The complete sixth season.
DVD CAS 7      Castle. The complete seventh season
DVD COL      Columbus
DVD CRI 5      Criminal minds. The fifth season
DVD CRI 7      Criminal minds. The seventh season
DVD CYC      Sāykala = Cycle
DVD DAL 2      Dalziel & pascoe. Season two.
DVD DAL 5      Dalziel & Pascoe. Season 5.
DVD DAL 7      Dalziel & Pascoe. Season 7
DVD DEB      The debt.
DVD DEK      Dekalog
DVD DEL 3 Delicious. Series 3
DVD DHH      Ḍh = Dhh
DVD DIE Dietrich & Von Sternberg in Hollywood
DVD DOM      Domino
DVD ELE      The element of crime
DVD EMI The emigrants. The new land
DVD EXP 1      The expanse. Season one.
DVD EXP 2      The expanse. Season two
DVD FAM 4      Family guy. Volume four
DVD FIS      I pugni in tasca = Fists in the pocket
DVD FIV Five feet apart
DVD GHO      Ghost
DVD GI      G.I. Joe : retaliation
DVD GIR La fille du RER = The girl on the train
DVD GIR The girl with the dragon tattoo.
DVD GLO Gloria Bell
DVD GON      Gone to Texas
DVD GOO 2      The good wife. The second season
DVD GOO 3      The good wife. The third season
DVD HAL      Half nelson
DVD HAP      Happy death day 2U
DVD HET 1      Hetty Wainthropp investigates. Series 1
DVD HET 2      Hetty Wainthropp investigates. Series 2
DVD HET 3      Hetty Wainthropp investigates. Series 3
DVD HET 4      Hetty Wainthropp investigates. Series 4
DVD HOU 2 The hour. 2
DVD HOU 2      House, M.D. Season two
DVD HOU 7      House M.D. Season seven
DVD IN      In the loop
DVD INS The insider
DVD INS      Inspector bellamy.
DVD INS 2 Inspector Lewis. Series 2.
DVD INS 3 Inspector Lewis. Series 3
DVD INS 5 Inspector Lewis. Series 5
DVD INT The interpreter
DVD INT      Intolerable cruelty
DVD IP      IP Man. Origins
DVD JOS      Joseph.
DVD KEY 1 Key & Peele. Season 1.
DVD KIL 2 Killing Eve. Season two
DVD LAS      Bernardo Bertolucci's The last emperor
DVD LEA Leap year.
DVD LIT      Little women.
DVD LON 1      London kills. Series 1
DVD LUT 2 Luther. 2.
DVD MAC      Macbeth.
DVD MAD Tyler Perry's A Madea family funeral
DVD MEL      The Mel Brooks collection
DVD MER      Mersal
DVD MID      Midas run
DVD MIS 1 & 2      Mr. Show. The complete first and second seasons
DVD MOD 1 Modern family. The complete first season
DVD MOD 2 Modern family. Season 2.
DVD MOO      Moonstruck
DVD MUS The mustang
DVD NAN Nancy Drew and the hidden staircase
DVD NUR 2      Nurse Jackie. Season 2.
DVD ODI      Oṭiyan = Odiyan
DVD PAT Patrick Melrose
DVD PIO      Pioneers of African-American cinema
DVD PRO      Prometheus.
DVD RAN      Ranna
DVD RED Red cliff. Part I & part II
DVD RED      Red.
DVD ROA      The road trilogy : Alice in the cities ; Wrong move ; Kings of the road
DVD ROB      Robin Hood, men in tights
DVD RUL      Rulers of the city
DVD SCI      The science of sleep
DVD SHA The Shawshank redemption
DVD SHA 1   Shakespeare & Hathaway : private investigators. Season 1
DVD SHE 2      Sherlock. Season 2
DVD SHE 3 Sherlock. Season three
DVD SMA      Smashed = Pactée
DVD SPA 2      Spartacus, vengeance. The complete second season
DVD SPI Spies of Warsaw
DVD STO      Stone.
DVD THI      The thin red line
DVD THR      12:08 east of Bucharest
DVD THR      3 women
DVD THR      Kumonosujō
DVD TOM 1 Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan Season 1.
DVD TOU The tourist.
DVD TUL      Tulpan
DVD TWE      27 dresses
DVD WAK      Waking life
DVD WAL 3      Wallander. 3
DVD WOM      Woman at war
[Great Courses] DVD 722 Architecture      The architecture of power : great palaces of the ancient world
[Great Courses] DVD 940.0491 Celtic      The Celtic world
[Great Courses] DVD 940.21 Renaissance Renaissance : the transformation of the West