New Materials—June 2019—Main Library
General Fiction
Call Number Author Title
FICTION Acampora, Lauren      Lauren Acampora The paper wasp : a novel
FICTION Arnett, Kristen      Kristen N Arnett Mostly dead things : a novel
FICTION Atkinson, Kate      Kate Atkinson Big sky
FICTION Awad, Mona      Mona Awad Bunny
FICTION Bailey, Tessa      Tessa Bailey Fix her up : a novel
FICTION Baker, Jo      Jo Baker The body lies
FICTION Barr, Lisa      Lisa Barr The unbreakables : a novel
FICTION Billingham, Mark      Mark Billingham Their little secret
FICTION Blondel, Jean-Philippe      Jean-Philippe Blondel Exposed
FICTION Bob-Wakesberg, Raphael      Raphael Bob-Waksberg Someone who will love you in all your damaged glory : stories
FICTION Bourland, Barbara      Barbara Bourland Fake like me
FICTION Brodesser-Akner, Taffy      Taffy Brodesser-Akner Fleishman is in trouble : a novel
FICTION Camus, Albert      Albert Camus The first man
FICTION Candlish, Louise      Louise Candlish Those people
FICTION Ciment, Jill      Jill Ciment The body in question : a novel
FICTION Cobbs Hoffman, Elizabeth      Elizabeth Cobbs Hoffman The Tubman command : a novel
FICTION Cohen, Leah Hager      Leah Hager Cohen Strangers and cousins
FICTION Cohen, Tish      Tish Cohen The summer we lost her : a novel
FICTION Conlon, Edward      Edward Conlon The policewomen's bureau : a novel
FICTION Cullen, Helen      Helen Cullen The lost letters of William Woolf : a novel ;
FICTION Cussler, Clive      Clive Cussler The oracle
FICTION Davies, Kate      Kate Davies In at the deep end
FICTION DeWoskin, Rachel      Rachel DeWoskin Banshee
FICTION Dehouck, Bram      Bram Dehouck Sleepless summer.
FICTION Dennis-Benn, Nicole      Nicole Dennis-Benn Patsy : a novel
FICTION Diehl, Heidi      Heidi Diehl Lifelines
FICTION Doan, Amy Mason      Amy Mason Doan Summer hours : a novel
FICTION Duffy, Lisa      Lisa Duffy This is home : a novel
FICTION Elias, David H.      David H Elias Elizabeth of Bohemia : a novel about Elizabeth Stuart, the Winter Queen
FICTION Ellroy, James      James Ellroy This storm : a novel
FICTION Foulds, Adam      Adam Foulds Dream sequence
FICTION Gilbert, Elizabeth      Elizabeth Gilbert City of girls
FICTION Gilman, Susan Jane      Susan Jane Gilman Donna has left the building : a novel
FICTION Ginder, Grant      Grant Ginder Honestly, we meant well
FICTION Green, Jane      Jane Green The friends we keep
FICTION Grossman, Gary H.      Gary H Grossman Red hotel
FICTION Grossman, Vasilii      Vasiliĭ Grossman Stalingrad
FICTION Grunwald, Lisa      Lisa Grunwald Time after time : a novel
FICTION Haddon, Mark      Mark Haddon The porpoise : a novel
FICTION Harrison, Nicola      Nicola Harrison Montauk
FICTION Heath, Jack      Jack Heath Just one bite : a novel
FICTION Henry, Patti Callahan      Patti Callahan Henry The favorite daughter
FICTION Herron, Mick      Mick Herron Joe Country
FICTION Hilderbrand, Elin      Elin Hilderbrand Summer of '69
FICTION Hornby, Nick      Nick Hornby State of the union : a marriage in ten parts
FICTION Howe, Katherine      Katherine Howe The daughters of Temperance Hobbs : a novel
FICTION Jackson, Lisa      Lisa Jackson Paranoid
FICTION Jackson, Shirley      Shirley Jackson The sundial
FICTION Jalaluddin, Uzma      Uzma Jalaluddin Ayesha at last
FICTION Jimenez, Abby      Abby Jimenez The friend zone
FICTION Jones, Sandie      Sandie Jones The first mistake
FICTION Kamali, Marjan      Marjan Kamali The stationery shop
FICTION Kawakami, Hiromi      Hiromi Kawakami The ten loves of Nishino
FICTION Koch, Herman      Herman Koch The ditch : a novel
FICTION Kwok, Jean      Jean Kwok Searching for Sylvie Lee : a novel
FICTION Lim, Roselle      Roselle Lim Natalie Tan's book of luck and fortune
FICTION Maden, Mike      Mike Maden Tom Clancy Enemy contact
FICTION Mallery, Susan      Susan Mallery The summer of sunshine & Margot
FICTION Mancusi, Nicholas      Nicholas Mancusi A philosophy of ruin
FICTION Mann, Thomas      Thomas Mann The magic mountain : a novel
FICTION Martins, Geovani      Geovani Martins The sun on my head : stories
FICTION Masterman, Becky      Becky Masterman We were killers once
FICTION McAllister, Gillian      Gillian McAllister The good sister
FICTION Menasse, Robert      Robert Menasse The capital
FICTION Miranda, Megan      Megan Miranda The last house guest : a novel
FICTION Monge, Emiliano      Emiliano Monge Among the lost
FICTION Monroe, Mary Alice      Mary Alice Monroe The summer guests
FICTION Moore, Meg Mitchell      Meg Mitchell Moore The islanders : a novel
FICTION Mosse, Kate      Kate Mosse The burning chambers
FICTION O'Connor, Flannery      Flannery O'Connor Collected works
FICTION O'Leary, Beth      Beth O'Leary The flatshare
FICTION Oates, Joyce Carol      Joyce Carol Oates My life as a rat : a novel
FICTION Ohlin, Alix      Alix Ohlin Dual citizens : a novel
FICTION Palmer, Diana      Diana Palmer Unleashed
FICTION Patterson, James      James Patterson Unsolved
FICTION Persson Giolito, Malin      Malin Persson Giolito Beyond all reasonable doubt : a novel
FICTION Peterson, Tracie      Tracie Peterson Wherever you go
FICTION Porter, Regina      Regina Porter The travelers : a novel
FICTION Reardon, Bryan      Bryan Reardon The perfect plan : a novel
FICTION Rezzori, Gregor von      Gregor von Rezzori Abel and Cain
FICTION Rhys, Rachel      Rachel Rhys Fatal inheritance : a novel
FICTION Ricciardi, David      David Ricciardi Rogue strike
FICTION Righetto, Matteo      Matteo Righetto Soul of the border : a novel
FICTION Ryan, Jennifer      Jennifer Ryan The spies of Shilling Lane : a novel
FICTION Sacks, Michelle      Michelle Sacks All the lost things : a novel
FICTION Salih, Tayeb      al-Ṭayyib Ṣāliḥ Season of migration to the north
FICTION Scanlan, Kathryn      Kathryn Scanlan Aug 9-fog
FICTION Seghers, Anna      Anna Seghers Transit
FICTION Shapiro, Deborah      Deborah Shapiro The summer demands
FICTION Shreve, Susan      Susan Shreve More news tomorrow : a novel
FICTION Smith, Dominic      Dominic Smith The electric hotel
FICTION Sonne, Werner      Werner/ Anderson Sonne Where the Desert Meets the Sea
FICTION Spera, Deb      Deb Spera Call your daughter home
FICTION Stapley, Marissa      Marissa Stapley The last resort
FICTION Steel, Danielle      Danielle Steel Lost and found : a novel
FICTION Tex, Charles den      Charles Den/ Forest-Flier Tex Mr. Miller
FICTION Thor, Brad      Brad Thor Backlash : a thriller
FICTION Vuong, Ocean      Ocean Vuong On earth we're briefly gorgeous : a novel
FICTION Walker, Caroline Louise      Caroline Louise Walker Man of the year
FICTION Weiner, Jennifer      Jennifer Weiner Mrs. Everything : a novel
FICTION Wieland, Liza      Liza Wieland Paris, 7 a.m.
FICTION Wilk, Elvia      Elvia Wilk Oval
FICTION Willig, Lauren      Lauren Willig The summer country : a novel
FICTION Winfrey, Kerry      Kerry Winfrey Waiting for Tom Hanks
FICTION Winslow, De'Shawn Charles      De'Shawn Charles Winslow In West Mills : a novel
FICTION Wolff, Jake      Jake Wolff The history of living forever
FICTION Woods, Stuart      Stuart Woods Skin game
Call Number Author Title
MYSTERY Albert, Susan Wittig      Susan Wittig Albert A plain vanilla murder
MYSTERY Armstrong, Kelley      Kelley Armstrong Wherever she goes
MYSTERY Atherton, Nancy      Nancy Atherton Aunt Dimity and the heart of gold
MYSTERY Avon, Joy      Joy Avon Sweet tea and secrets: a tea and a read mystery
MYSTERY Black, Cara      Cara Black Murder in Bel-Air
MYSTERY Brown, Rita Mae      Rita Mae Brown Whiskers in the dark : a Mrs. Murphy mystery
MYSTERY Carlisle, Kate      Kate Carlisle The book supremacy : a Bibliophile mystery
MYSTERY Clark, Tracy P.      Tracy P Clark Borrowed time
MYSTERY De Giovanni, Maurizio      Maurizio De Giovanni Cold for the bastards of Pizzofalcone
MYSTERY Gailey, Sarah      Sarah Gailey Magic for liars
MYSTERY Goldberg, Leonard S.      Leonard S Goldberg The disappearance of Alastair Ainsworth : a daughter of Sherlock Holmes mystery
MYSTERY Goldman, Matt      Matt Goldman The shallows
MYSTERY Goldstone, Lawrence      Lawrence Goldstone Assassin of shadows : a novel
MYSTERY Herron, Mick      Mick Herron The Marylebone drop
MYSTERY Lorac, E. C. R.      E C R Lorac Murder by matchlight
MYSTERY Mina, Denise      Denise Mina Conviction
MYSTERY Montclair, Allison      Allison Montclair The right sort of man
MYSTERY Nordbo, Mads Peder      Mads Peder Nordbro The girl without skin
MYSTERY Padura, Leonardo      Leonardo Padura Grab a snake by the tail
MYSTERY Rinehart, Mary Roberts      Mary Roberts Rinehart Miss Pinkerton
MYSTERY Silvis, Randall      Randall Silvis A long way down
MYSTERY Walker, Martin      Martin Walker The body in the castle well : a Bruno, chief of police novel
Science Fiction
Call Number Author Title
FICTION Crouch, Blake      Blake Crouch Recursion : a novel
FICTION Singh, Nalini      Nalini Singh Wolf rain : a psy-changeling trinity novel
SCI FIC Aaronovitch, Ben      Ben Aaronovitch The October man
SCI FIC Anderson, Kevin J.      Kevin J Anderson Spine of the dragon
SCI FIC Bates, Callie      Callie Bates The soul of power
SCI FIC Card, Orson Scott      Orson Scott Card The hive
SCI FIC Gladstone, Max      Max Gladstone Empress of forever
SCI FIC Kadrey, Richard      Richard Kadrey The grand dark
SCI FIC Khaw, Cassandra      Cassandra Khaw The last supper before Ragnarok
SCI FIC Marks, Laurie J.      Laurie J Marks Air logic
SCI FIC Miller, Rowenna      Rowenna Miller Fray
SCI FIC Powell, Gareth      Gareth Powell Fleet of knives
SCI FIC Steinmetz, Ferrett      Ferrett Steinmetz The Sol Majestic
SCI FIC Stephenson, Neal      Neal Stephenson Fall; or, Dodge in hell : a novel
SCI FIC Stirling, S. M.      S M Stirling Theater of spies
SCI FIC Tchaikovsky, Adrian      Adrian Tchaikovsky Children of ruin
SCI FIC Walton, Jo      Jo Walton Lent
Call Number Author Title
[PB] ROMANCE B      Kelly Bowen A rogue by night
[PB] ROMANCE F      Christine Feehan Shadow warrior
[PB] ROMANCE F      Delores Fossen Hot Texas sunrise
[PB] ROMANCE G      Amelia Grey The Earl next door
[PB] ROMANCE G      Lucy Gilmore Puppy love
[PB] ROMANCE G      Jo Goodman A touch of forever
[PB] ROMANCE H      Marie Harte Smooth moves
[PB] ROMANCE J      Melonie Johnson Smitten by the Brit
[PB] ROMANCE M      Brenda Minton Her Oklahoma rancher
[PB] ROMANCE M      Debbie Mason Barefoot beach
[PB] ROMANCE R      Isabelle Ronin Spitfire in love
[PB] ROMANCE R      Kelly Rimmer Unexpected
[PB] ROMANCE Y      Maisey Yates Unbroken cowboy
Large Print
Call Number Author Title
LP Ackerman, Sara      Sara Ackerman The lieutenant's nurse
LP Alexander, Victoria      Victoria Alexander The Lady Travelers guide to deception with an unlikely earl
LP Andrews, Mary Kay      Mary Kay Andrews Sunset beach
LP Armstrong, Kelley      Kelley Armstrong Watcher in the woods
LP Baart, Nicole      Nicole Baart You were always mine
LP Burns, Anna      Anna Burns Milkman
LP Carr, Robyn      Robyn Carr The view from Alameda Island
LP Carty-Williams, Candice      Candice Carty-Williams Queenie
LP Cisneros, Sandra      Sandra Cisneros The house on Mango Street
LP Clark, Mary Higgins      Mary Higgins Clark I've got my eyes on you
LP Cussler, Clive      Clive Cussler Celtic empire
LP Deaver, Jeffery      Jeffery Deaver The never game
LP Deaver, Jeffery      Jeffery Deaver The never game
LP Duncan, Francis      Francis Duncan Behold a fair woman
LP Epstein, Jennifer Cody      Jennifer Cody Epstein Wunderland
LP Evanovich, Stephanie      Stephanie Evanovich Under the table : a novel
LP Frank, Dorothea Benton      Dorothea Benton Frank Queen bee : a novel
LP Freeland, Liz      Liz Freeland Murder in Midtown
LP Gilbert, Elizabeth      Elizabeth Gilbert City of girls
LP Gingrich, Newt      Newt Gingrich Collusion : a novel
LP Griep, Michelle      Michelle Griep Ladies of intrigue : 3 tales of 19th-century romance with a dash of mystery
LP Hadley, Tessa      Tessa Hadley Late in the day
LP Haines, Carolyn      Carolyn Haines A gift of bones
LP Harper, Jane      Jane Harper Force of nature
LP Hilderbrand, Elin      Elin Hilderbrand Summer of '69
LP Horowitz, Anthony      Anthony Horowitz The sentence is death : a novel
LP Jones, Tayari      Tayari Jones An American marriage
LP Laurens, Stephanie      Stephanie Laurens The Pursuits of Lord Kit Cavanaugh
LP Lickel, Lisa J.      Lisa J Lickel Meow mayhem
LP Margolin, Phillip      Phillip Margolin The perfect alibi
LP Martin, Kat      Kat Martin Hot rain
LP Mayo, Matthew P.      Matthew P Mayo Timberline
LP McKenna, Lindsay      Lindsay McKenna Lone Rider
LP Miller, Linda Lael      Linda Lael Miller The Yankee widow
LP Oates, Joyce Carol      Joyce Carol Oates My life as a rat : a novel
LP Patrick, Phaedra      Phaedra Patrick The Library of lost and found
LP Patterson, James      James Patterson The 18th abduction
LP Patterson, James      James Patterson Unsolved
LP Phillips, Julia      Julia Phillips Disappearing Earth : a novel
LP Quick, Amanda      Amanda Quick Tightrope
LP Ripley, J. R.      J R Ripley Die, die birdie
LP Rooney, Sally      Sally Rooney Normal people : a novel
LP Roosevelt, Maura      Maura Roosevelt Baby of the family
LP Roper, Richard      Richard Roper How not to die alone : a novel
LP Russell, Karen      Karen Russell Orange world
LP SHORT STORIES Marrying        Marrying my cowboy
LP Sandford, John      John Sandford Neon prey
LP Sands, Lynsay      Lynsay Sands The wrong highlander
LP Scottoline, Lisa      Lisa Scottoline After Anna
LP Steel, Danielle      Danielle Steel Lost and found
LP Vuong, Ocean      Ocean Vuong On Earth we're briefly gorgeous : a novel
LP White, Kate      Kate White Such a perfect wife : a novel
Call Number Author Title
POETRY Dodd, Jayy      Jayy Dodd The black condition Ft. Narcissus : live! from Wilderness Records (some place not here, USA, 20i7)
POETRY Johnston, Devin      Devin Johnston Mosses and lichens : poems
POETRY Milton, John      John Milton Paradise lost
POETRY Sze, Arthur      Arthur Sze Sight lines