New Materials—June 2019—Main Library
Call Number Author Title
004.1675 Hughes      Bill Hughes Samsung Galaxy S10
005.1 Denning      Peter J Denning Computational Thinking
005.4 Kane     Sean P Kane Docker : up & running : shipping reliable containers in production
006.6 Coward     Cameron Coward A Beginner's Guide to 3D Modeling: A Guide to Autodesk Fusion 360
021.7 Ottolenghi      Carol Ottolenghi Intentional marketing : a practical guide for librarians
028.9 Berthoud      Ella Berthoud The art of mindful reading : embracing the wisdom of words
070.4493 Polchin      James Polchin Indecent advances : a hidden history of true crime and prejudice before Stonewall
070.92 Welteroth      Elaine Welteroth More than enough : claiming space for who you are (no matter what they say)
128 Scott Laurence Scott Picnic comma lightning : the experience of reality in the twenty-first century
133.122 Innes      Brian Innes Ghost sightings : eyewitness accounts of paranormal activity
133.43 Saussy      Briana Saussy Making magic : weaving together the everyday and the extraordinary
152.41 Zaki      Jamil Zaki The war for kindness : building empathy in a fractured world
153 Harris      Annaka Harris Conscious : a brief guide to the fundamental mystery of the mind
153 Singer      Michael A Singer The untethered soul : the journey beyond yourself
153.125 Hyde      Lewis Hyde A primer for forgetting : getting past the past
153.83 OBrien      Michael J O'Brien The Importance of Small Decisions
153.83 Sunstein      Cass R Sunstein On freedom
155.332 Deida      David Deida The way of the superior man : a spiritual guide to mastering the challenges of women, work, and sexual desire
156.26 Paasch      Hannah Paasch Millenneagram : the enneagram guide for discovering your truest, baddest self
171.6 Churchland      Patricia Smith Churchland Conscience : the origins of moral intuition
188 Marcus      Emperor of Rome Marcus Aurelius Meditations
220.61 Knight    George W Knight The No-Stress Bible Guide: Learn the Big Picture, the Key Passages, and the Divine Plan--All at Your Own Pace
220.9 Barton      John Barton A history of the Bible : the story of the world's most influential book
230 Niebuhr      Reinhold Niebuhr The essential Reinhold Niebuhr : selected essays and addresses
248 Evans      Rachel Held Evans Inspired : slaying giants, walking on water, and loving the Bible again
289.9209 Scorah       Amber Scorah Leaving the witness : exiting a religion and finding a life
296.3092 Buber      Paul R Mendes-Flohr Martin Buber : a life of faith and dissent
296.431 Lew      Alan Lew This Is Real and You Are Completely Unprepared: The Days of Awe as a Journey of Transformation
297.092 Virji      Ayaz Virji Love thy neighbor : a Muslim doctor's struggle for home in rural America
303.3408 Wambach      Abby Wambach Wolfpack : how to come together, unleash our power, and change the game
303.483 Fernandez      Luke Fernandez Bored, lonely, angry, stupid : changing feelings about technology, from the telegraph to Twitter
303.4832 Albert Daniel M Albert Are we there yet? : the American automobile, past, present, and driverless
303.4834 Broussard      Meredith Broussard Artificial Unintelligence: How Computers Misunderstand the World
303.484 Berger      J M Berger Extremism
305.4094 Pine      Emilie Pine Notes to self : essays
305.4209 Hirshman      Linda R Hirshman Reckoning : the epic battle against sexual abuse and harassment
305.8 Herbin-Triant Elizabeth A Herbin-Triant Threatening property : race, class, and campaigns to legislate Jim Crow neighborhoods
305.8009 Brook      Daniel Brook The accident of color : a story of race in Reconstruction
305.8009 Guo      Winona Guo Tell me who you are : sharing our stories of race, culture, and identity
305.9069 Mehta      Suketu Mehta This land is our land : an immigrant's manifesto
306 Pastilof      Jennifer Pastiloff On being human : a memoir of waking up, living real, and listening hard
306.0951 Langfitt      Frank Langfitt The Shanghai free taxi : journeys with the hustlers and rebels of the new China
306.2097 Wehner      Peter Wehner The death of politics : how to heal our frayed republic after Trump
306.38 Thurman      Eric Thurman Thrive in retirement : simple secrets for being happy for the rest of your life
306.766 Baker      Gilbert Baker Rainbow warrior : my life in color
306.7662 Halkitis      Perry N Halkitis Out in time : the public lives of gay men from Stonewall to the queer generation
306.7662 Odets      Walt Odets Out of the shadows : reimagining gay men's lives
306.7662 Wolf      Naomi Wolf Outrages : sex, censorship, and the criminalization of love
306.7663 Habib      Samra Habib We Have Always Been Here: A Queer Muslim Memoir
306.8 Gottman      John Mordechai Gottman Eight dates : essential conversations for a lifetime of love
306.874 Blackstone      Amy Blackstone Childfree by choice : the movement redefining family and creating a new age of independence
320.5209 Will    George F Will The conservative sensibility
320.973 Lepore      Jill Lepore This America : the case for the nation
321.8 Diamond      Larry Jay Diamond Ill winds : saving democracy from Russian rage, Chinese ambition, and American complacency
323.4 Kaye      David Kaye Speech police: the global struggle to govern the Internet
324.0973 Rodden      Jonathan Rodden Why cities lose : the deep roots of the urban-rural political divide
324.973 Badiou      Alain Badiou Trump
325.2109 Boochani      Behrouz Boochani No friend but the mountains : writing from Manus Prison
332.024 Honda     Ken Honda Happy money : the Japanese art of making peace with your money
332.024 Schneider      Michele Schneider Plant your money tree : a guide to growing your wealth
332.678 Duarte      Joe Duarte The everything guide to investing in your 20s & 30s : your step-by-step guide to: understanding stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, maximizing your 401(K), setting realistic goals, recognizing the risks and rewards of cryptocurrencies, minimizing your investment tax liability
338.19 Little      Amanda Little The fate of food : what we'll eat in a bigger, hotter, smarter world
338.19 Metcalfe      Robyn Shotwell Metcalfe Food routes : growing bananas in Iceland and other tales from the logistics of eating
338.3714 Smith      Bren Smith Eat like a fish : my adventures as a fisherman turned restorative ocean farmer
338.544 Castle      Jennifer L Castle Forecasting: An Essential Introduction
355.0092 Dostie      Ryan Leigh Dostie Formation : a woman's memoir of stepping out of line
355.6092 Carter      Ashton B Carter Inside the five-sided box : lessons from a lifetime of leadership in the Pentagon
362.6097 Aronson      Louise Aronson Elderhood : redefining medicine, life, and aging in America
363.3309 Watts      Shannon Watts Fight like a mother : how a grassroots movement took on the gun lobby and why women will change the world
363.882 Magee      Mike Magee Code blue : inside America's medical industrial complex
364.1092 Cohen      Rich Cohen The last pirate of New York : a ghost ship, a killer, and the birth of a gangster nation
364.1523 Hawes      Jennifer Hawes Grace will lead us home : the Charleston Church Massacre and the hard, inspiring journey to forgiveness
372.21 Schiller      Pamela Byrne Schiller The complete daily curriculum for early childhood, revised : over 1,200 easy activities to support multiple intelligences and learning styles
373.0973 Mehta      Jal Mehta In search of deeper learning : the quest to remake the American high school
378.12 Childress      Herb Childress The adjunct underclass : how America's colleges betrayed their faculty, their students, and their mission
381.4158 Jacobs      Ryan McMahon Jacobs The truffle underground : a tale of mystery, mayhem, and manipulation in the shadowy market of the world's most expensive fungus
388.3472 Bruntlett      Melissa Bruntlett Building the cycling city : the Dutch blueprint for urban vitality
427.973 Montell      Amanda Montell Wordslut : a feminist guide to taking back the English language
500 Last        The last unknowns : deep, elegant, profound unanswered questions about the universe, the mind, the future of civilization, and the meaning of life
502 Barras      Colin Barras Unbelievable science : stuff that will blow your mind
507.1273 Rudolph      John L Rudolph How we teach science : what's changed, and why it matters
509.252 Whitlock      Catherine Whitlock Ten women who changed science, and the world
519.542 Poundstone      William Poundstone The doomsday calculation : how an equation that predicts the future is transforming everything we know about life and the universe
523.3 Morton      Oliver Morton The moon : a history for the future
523.44 Dillow      Gordon Dillow Fire in the sky : cosmic collisions, killer asteroids, and the race to defend the Earth
530.12 Greenstein      George Greenstein Quantum strangeness : wrestling with Bell's theorem and the ultimate nature of reality
539.72 Gagnon      Pauline Gagnon Who cares about particle physics? : making sense of the Higgs boson, the Large Hadron Collider and CERN
547.0071 Klein      David R Klein Organic chemistry as a second language : first semester topics
551.447 Macfarlane      Robert Macfarlane Underland : a deep time journey
559.82 Gertner      Jon Gertner The ice at the end of the world : an epic journey into Greenland's buried past and our perilous future
576.801 Wagner      Andreas Wagner Life finds a way : what evolution teaches us about creativity
577.144 Hazen      Robert M Hazen Symphony in C : carbon and the evolution of (almost) everything
577.3097 Wessels      Tom Wessels Reading the forested landscape : a natural history of New England
579.8 Kassinger      Ruth Kassinger Slime : how algae created us, plague us, and just might save us
590.222 Sartore      Joel Sartore The photo ark : one man's quest to document the world's animals
598.0723 Minetor      Randi Minetor Birding New England : a field guide to the birds of Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont
599.67 Shell      Jacob Shell Giants of the monsoon forest : living and working with elephants
612 Odya      Erin Odya Anatomy & physiology
613.0433 Mayer      Gloria G Mayer What to do for your teen's health : easy to read, easy to use
613.0438 Barnett      Albert E Barnett What to do for senior health : easy to read, easy to use
613.96 Kerner      Ian Kerner She comes first : the thinking man's guide to pleasuring a woman
614.6 Hale      Kathleen Hale Kathleen Hale is a crazy stalker : six essays
615.852 Morter      Sue Morter The energy codes : the 7-step system to awaken your spirit, heal your body, and live your best life
616.0252 First        First aid manual : the step-by-step guide for everyone
616.8521 Jain, Shaili      Shaili Jain The unspeakable mind : stories of trauma and healing from the frontlines of PTSD science
616.86 Carr      David Carr The night of the gun : a reporter investigates the darkest story of his life, his own
616.89 Burton      Robert Burton The anatomy of melancholy
616.8914 Pollak      Susan Pollak Sitting together : essential skills for mindfulness-based psychotherapy
616.9246 Newby   Kris Newby Bitten : the secret history of Lyme disease and biological weapons
618.92 Mayer      Gloria G Mayer What to do when your child gets sick
629.454 Fishman      Charles Fishman One giant leap : the impossible mission that flew us to the Moon
629.454 Stone      Robert Stone Chasing the moon : the people, the politics, and the promise that launched America into the space age
636.7 Charleson      Susannah Charleson Where the lost dogs go : a story of love, search, and the power of reunion
640 Boyle      Mark Boyle The way home : tales from a life without technology
641.462 Chesman      Andrea Chesman The pickled pantry
641.5 Copeland      Sarah Copeland Every day is Saturday : recipes + strategies for easy cooking, every day of the week
641.5092 Levine      Ed Levine Serious eater : a food lover's perilous quest for pizza and redemption
641.563 Brue        Well + good : 100 healthy recipes + expert advice for better living
641.563 Walker      Danielle Walker Against all grain : delectable paleo recipes to eat well & feel great : more than 150 gluten-free, grain-free, and dairy-free recipes for daily life
641.5636 Greenwood      Gesshin Claire Greenwood Just enough : vegan recipes and stories from Japan's Buddhist temples
641.5636 Pridmore      Susan Pridmore Simply vegetarian cookbook : fuss-free recipes everyone will love
641.5638 Mercola      Joseph Mercola Ketofast cookbook : recipes for intermittent fasting and timed ketogenic meals from a world-class doctor and an internationally renowned chef
641.5884 Bowden      Jonny Bowden The 150 healthiest slow cooker recipes on Earth : the surprising unbiased truth about how to make nutritious and delicious meals that are ready when you are
641.5973 Complete        The complete Cook's Country TV show cookbook : every recipe and every review from all ten seasons
641.5975 Lynch      Lazarus Lynch Son of a Southern chef : cook with soul
641.694 Zircher      Erin Zircher CRU Oyster Bar Nantucket cookbook : savoring four seasons of the good life
641.695 Parks      Mary Parks The green crab cookbook
641.83 Romero      Terry Hope Romero Show up for salad : 100 more recipes for salads, dressings, & all the fixins you don't have to be vegan to love
641.862 Travers      Kitty Travers La Grotta : Ices creams and sorbets
646.4 Hirsch      Gretchen Hirsch Gertie's new book for better sewing : a modern guide to couture-style sewing using basic vintage techniques
646.77 Strauss      Tracy Strauss I just haven't met you yet : finding empowerment in dating, love and life
647.9506 Mintzer      Richard Mintzer Start your own restaurant business and more : startup : pizzeria, coffeehouse, deli, bakery, catering business
648.8 McCubbin Tracy McCubbin Making space, clutter free : the last book on decluttering you'll ever need
649.123 Glowacki      Jamie Glowacki Oh crap! I have a toddler : tackling these crazy awesome years--no time outs needed
649.124 Caring        Caring for your school-age child : ages 5 to 12
649.64 Nelsen      Jane Nelsen Positive discipline : the first three years
658 Collins      James C Collins Good to great and the social sectors : why business thinking is not the answer : a monograph to accompany Good to great : why some companies make the leap--and others don't
658.1108 Gascoigne      Adriana Gascoigne Tech boss lady : how to start-up, disrupt, and thrive as a female founder
658.15 Desai      Mihir A Desai How finance works : the HBR guide to thinking smart about the numbers
658.4036 Lencioni      Patrick Lencioni The five dysfunctions of a team : a leadership fable
658.4056 Marcus      Leonard J Marcus You're it : crisis, change, and how to lead when it matters most
658.4063 Dyer  Jeffrey H Dyer Innovation capital : how to compete--and win--like the world's most innovative leaders
658.834 Croll      Alistair Croll Lean analytics : use data to build a better startup faster
658.85 Hanson      Jason Hanson Agent of influence : how to use spy skills to persuade anyone, sell anything, and build a successful business
660.6 Estreich      George Estreich Fables and futures : biotechnology, disability, and the stories we tell ourselves
684.084 Jewitt      Jeff Jewitt Great wood finishes : a step-by-step guide to beautiful results
709.4309 Von Osten      Marion Von Osten Bauhaus Imaginista
720.1 Brand      Stewart Brand How buildings learn : what happens after they're built
720.284 Ching      Francis D K Ching Architectural Graphics (Revised)
739.27 Young      Anastasia Young The workbench guide to jewelry techniques
741.2 Willenbrink      Mark Willenbrink Drawing for the absolute beginner : a clear & easy guide to successful drawing
742 Robertson      Scott Robertson How to draw : drawing and sketching objects and environments from your imagination
746.432 Bogert        Gradient style : color-shifting techniques & knitting patterns
759.7 Chagall      Ingo F Walther Marc Chagall, 1887-1985 : painting as poetry
781.17 Krukowski      Damon Krukowski Ways of hearing
781.3 Rameau     Jean Philippe Rameau Treatise on harmony.
781.6409 Wald  Elijah Wald How the Beatles destroyed rock 'n' roll : an alternative history of American popular music
781.66 33 1/3 Holy      David Evans Manic Street Preachers' the Holy Bible
782.4209 Meacham      Jon Meacham Songs of America : patriotism, protest, and the music that made a nation
787.89 Ultimate        The ultimate ukulele fake book.
791.43 Leonard   Leonard Maltin's movie guide : the modern era
791.4361 Lambie      Ryan Lambie The geek's guide to SF cinema
791.4365 Bogle      Donald Bogle Hollywood black : the stars, the films, the filmmakers
791.4502 France      Tan France Naturally Tan
794.8153 Schell      Jesse Schell The art of game design : a book of lenses
796.3309 Frazier      Mark Kram Smokin' Joe : the life of Joe Frazier
796.357 Rose      Pete Rose Play hungry : the making of a baseball player
796.3576 Turbow      Jason Turbow They bled blue : the 1981 Los Angeles Dodgers : Fernandomania, strike-season mayhem, and the weirdest championship baseball had ever seen
796.42 Starrett      Kelly Starrett Ready to run : unlocking your potential to run naturally
796.4207 Futterman      Matthew Futterman Running to the edge : a band of misfits and the guru who unlocked the secrets of speed
796.5 Gooley      Tristan Gooley The lost art of reading nature's signs : use outdoor clues to find your way, predict the weather, locate water, track animals--and other forgotten skills
796.6209 Taylor      Michael Kranish The world's fastest man : the extraordinary life of cyclist Major Taylor, America's first Black sports hero
808.02 Amir      Nina Amir The author training manual : develop marketable ideas, craft books that sell, become the author publishers want, self-publish effectively
808.042 Hall      Trish Hall Writing to persuade : how to bring people over to your side
808.387 Ephron, Hallie      Hallie Ephron Writing & selling your mystery novel
814.54 Sontag      Susan Sontag Essays of the 1960s & 70s
818.6 Hemon      Aleksandar Hemon My parents : an introduction ; This does not belong to you
818.6 Henry      DeWitt Henry Sweet Marjoram: Notes & Essays
818.602 Barry      Dave Barry Lessons from Lucy : the simple joys of an old, happy dog
818.602 Brown      Kelly Williams Brown Adulting : how to become a grown-up in 535 easy(ish) steps
818.603 Fleischmann      T Fleischmann Time is the thing a body moves through
822.33 S7 Oxford      William Shakespeare Hamlet
823.912 Lynskey      Dorian Lynskey The Ministry of Truth: The Biography of George Orwell's 1984
828.914 Athill      Diana Athill A Florence diary
844.3 Compagnon      Antoine Compagnon A summer with Montaigne
895.6132 Matsuo      Bashō Matsuo Narrow road to the interior and other writings
909 Worlds      Robert Tignor Worlds Together, Worlds Apart
909.0492 Rogan      Eugene L Rogan The Arabs : a history
914.04 Insight        Great railway journeys of Europe.
914.585 Bradt        The Bradt travel guide. Malta and Gozo.
917.4461 Olia 2019 Maria T Olia No access Boston : Beantown's hidden treasures, haunts, and forgotten places
917.471 Hill      John Hill NYC walks : guide to new architecture
917.88 Moon        Moon Denver, Boulder & Colorado Springs.
917.94 Moon        Moon handbooks. Yosemite, Sequoia & Kings Canyon.
919.611 Moon        Moon handbooks. Fiji.
919.69 Doughty        Hawaii, the big island revealed : the ultimate guidebook.
[Career] 647.9502 Smillow      Rick Smilow Culinary careers : how to get your dream job in food with advice from top culinary professionals
[Career] 650.14 HBR        HBR guide to changing your career.
[Career] 650.14 McWhir      David McWhir The ultimate job hunting book : write a killer CV, discover hidden jobs, succeed at interview
[Career] 658.11 Guillebeau      Chris Guillebeau 100 side hustles : unexpected ideas for making extra money without quitting your day job
[SP] 613.0438 Barnett      Albert E Barnett Qué hacer para la salud de las personas mayores : fácil de leer, fácil de usar
[Test] Nursing        McGraw-Hill's nursing school entrance exams.
[Test] PROF/VOC MTEL English XAMonline        MTEL (07) English : Teachers Certification Exam.
Large Print
Call Number Author Title
LP 158 Rubin, Gretchen      Gretchen Rubin The happiness project : or, why I spent a year trying to sing in the morning, clean my closets, fight right, read Aristotle, and generally have more fun
LP 234.23 Jakes, T D      T D Jakes Crushing : God turns pressure into power
LP 248.4 Osteen, Victoria      Victoria Osteen Exceptional you! : 7 ways to live encouraged, empowered, and intentional
LP 305.52 Carlson, Tucker      Tucker Carlson Ship of fools : how a selfish ruling class is bringing America to the brink of revolution
LP 368.43 Social      Social Security Administration Social Security Handbook : Overview of Social Security Programs : 2019 Large Print Edition
LP 610.696 Goldberg, Sana      Sana Goldberg How to be a patient : the essential guide to navigating the world of modern medicine
LP 616.079 Richtel, Matt      Matt Richtel An elegant defense : the extraordinary new science of the immune system : a tale in four lives
LP 646.7 Gillies, Isabel      Isabel Gillies Cozy: The Art of Arranging Yourself in the World
LP 817.54 Barry, Dave      Dave Barry Lessons from Lucy : the simple joys of an old, happy dog