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Saturday Program:
Saturdays; 9:00-3:00
Ages: 6 and up

The program offers a variety of activities, including field trips, swimming, fitness, arts and crafts, cooking, weightlifting, hygiene, ADL skills, and sports such as tennis, basketball, track and field, and volleyball. Groups are divided by age and ability levels. There are adult men and women’s groups, a teen and preteen group, and a children’s group. Lunch can be ordered for $5.00, or clients may choose to bring their own. Transportation is also provided free of charge to Cambridge residents.
Program Fee: $100.00 per year

Adult Bowling:
Tuesdays; 5:00-7:00
Ages: 18 and up

Bowling is offered every Tuesday night for adult clients at the Flatbread Pizza Company located at 45 Day Street in Somerville. Clients are picked up and dropped off at their homes. Members bowl 2 strings and need to bring $8.00 for shoe rentals and bowling fees. Bowlers compete in different competitions run by the Massachusetts Special Olympics. All members get to socialize weekly and have an end of the year celebration at the bowling alley.

Health & Fitness:
Mondays & Wednesdays; 6:00-8:00
Ages: 18 and up

This program is offered every Monday and Wednesday for clients 16 and up. Participants are picked up and dropped off at their homes. This program features weekly walks, aerobics classes, instruction and use of fitness machines, and light weight training. Clients will also get classes and information on nutrition, healthy eating choices, and the benefits of an active life style. Program Fee: $60.00 per year.

Download the Cambridge Program Application