Gallery 344

Laura Evans 

August 3 - October 30, 2015
Artist Reception: Monday, September 21, 6pm

Laura Evans, Conductivity

In 2008 Laura Evans created a pair of companion art benches for the Greene-Rose Heritage Park in the Area IV neighborhood (“The Port”).  Entitled “Conductivity”, the sculpture is based on a typical park bench that the City usually selects from a catalogue but which has been altered by the artist.  Cambridge Arts is pleased to present a selection of Laura’s studio work that sets “Conductivity” in the context of her ongoing artistic explorations.

Laura’s work often combines elements from the natural and the built environments, shaping materials that vary from the traditional to the throwaway.  She is as attracted to the common cardboard tube or paper bag, with their physical, cultural, social, and historical attributes, as she is to a classic material such as paper or bronze, which have their own set of associations.  Other materials Laura has employed include fabric, wood, Sculpey modeling material, plaster, wire, paper, paint, and found objects.  Taking these materials in hand, she twists, squishes, knits, wraps, tears, joins, and bends, choosing low-tech methods and processes. In every case there is a reach into the possibilities of connecting literal, symbolic, and metaphorical approaches to forms and materials. What results can be both hard and soft, quiet and active, creepy and comforting, geometric and free-form, amusing and sad, strong and fragile. 

The work presented in the exhibition represents a range of experiments and finished pieces over the course of the last decade, showing continuing themes and methods of working.  We invite you to visit the Greene-Rose Heritage Park to experience “Conductivity” in person, and then to see its connection to Laura’s body of work installed at Gallery 344. 

Gallery 344
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Round: Cambridge by Halsey Burgund

ROUND: Cambridge

A city-wide sound art installation
by Halsey Burgund 

ROUND: Cambridge, created by artist Halsey Burgund, is a new city-wide, site-specific sound art installation. The project engages the general public through music and participant commentary via smartphone technology. Using Cambridge's impressive Public Art Collection and public spaces as a touch-point, citizens and visitors are able to participate by adding their thoughts, questions, and reflections to an ever-evolving composition encompassing the city. As a participant moves throughout the city, the person can record comments or listen to those left by others about a specific artwork or location. Users' comments immediately upload to the composition, adding a new auditory layer to the landscape. 

Gallery 344 was the original launching site (October 1 through November 23, 2012) for ROUND: Cambridge. Gallery viewers, and those without a smartphone, experienced the project and contributed to the composition in the recording booth at Gallery 344, located in the City Hall Annex at 344 Broadway, 2nd Floor, Cambridge.

Download the free ROUND: Cambridge app at iTunes.

As a public artwork, ROUND: Cambridge exists in the public domain, like the sculptures, murals and other public art around Cambridge. By allowing people to leave their mark on the landscape, Cambridge is transformed into a collective audio work.

More information is available at

About the Artist

Halsey Burgund is a musician and sound artist living in Greater Boston. Both his installations and musical performances make extensive use of spoken human voice recordings as musical elements, alongside traditional and electronic instruments. Halsey has exhibited and performed in museums and galleries throughout the country, including the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, the deCordova Sculpture Park and Museum, the Museum of Science, Boston and the California Academy of Sciences. He was awarded a Smithsonian Artist Research Fellowship in 2011 to explore their audio archives for future work.

ROUND: Cambridge Partners & Support
Cambridge Arts Council acknowledges the support and partnership of the City of Cambridge Mayor's Summer Youth Employment Program, in addition to funding through the National Endowment of the Arts and Massachusetts Cultural Council.


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Cambridge Arts Council Public Art Program

In accordance with Cambridge's Public Art Program, one percent of construction costs for capital improvements is designated to support the inclusion of integrated, site-responsive public art. Since 1979, over 200 artworks have been commissioned into the Cambridge Public Art Collection for the enjoyment of all who live, work and visit the city.