New Rainbow Walking And Biking Path Along Fern Street

Cambridge Arts and the City of Cambridge have begun building a new rainbow-striped walking and biking path along Fern Street in spring 2017.

The New York-based artist team of Chat Travieso and Yeju Choi were commissioned by the city in 2014 to create a distinctive public art project for a shared bicycle and pedestrian path between Concord Avenue and Field Street, near Fresh Pond. The artwork shimmers with bold colors, glass pieces embedded in the concrete, wiggling lines, and playful topography.

The public art project is part of a larger sewer-separation construction project that aims to create cleaner waterways in the area. Led by the city's Department of Public Works, the city selected Fern Street as a safe-passage link between the Tobin Montessori and Vassal Lane Upper School building, nearby Danehy Park, and surrounding neighborhoods. The design developed by Travieso and Choi transforms a utilitarian path into a striking public space and public artwork for all ages to enjoy. 

Employing colorful concrete and planting, the path takes in the entire length of the one-block-long Fern Street, allowing full functionality as a shared path while creating an imaginative moment on a traveling route. Building on the city's continuing mission to create a more playful public realm, this artwork sets a new precedent for fully integrating art into infrastructure projects.

The project is currently under construction so stay tuned for more photos as the work progresses.