Literacy and ESOL

The Literacy Project serves the learning needs of adults and their children.

Typical learners include:

  • immigrants who are non-native English speakers – who want to improve their spoken and written English
  • adults who want to prepare for the GED, TOEFL exam, citizenship exam, driver's license exam, and other civil service or professional licensing exams
  • adults who are in community colleges and need help with homework
  • adults who want to study computer basics (Word, Internet and Email)
  • children of these learners who need help with homework or need to improve their basic academic skills

The Literacy Project offers organized classes in English conversation, citizenship, job hunting/resume writing and computers. Volunteers serve as teachers, tutors, classroom assistants and afterschool homework helpers. We have volunteer opportunities for days, evenings and weekends.  A typical volunteer commitment is 2 hours per week. If you are interested in volunteering or for more information, please contact: Maria Balestrieri at 617-349-4013 or

If you want to know what classes the Literacy Center is offering and when they are, search our Calendar of Events.

Volunteer Application (New volunteer intakes will take place in September. Please email program in mid August to set up appointments.)

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