Privacy and Your Library Rights

The American Public Library is based upon the central belief that a society cannot be free, and a democracy cannot flourish, unless its people have free and open access to information and ideas. In order for a mind to be free, access to the realm of thought (both informational and creative) must be available without barriers of censorship, bias or cost, and without fear of repercussion.

Our passionate commitment to providing an outstanding customer experience thrives within these overarching principles at the core of the American Public Library. Therefore, the explorations of any one mind are held in the strictest of privacy at the Cambridge Public Library.

For our borrowers’ intellectual safety:

  • Privacy safeguards are in effect when a library card is issued regardless of age
  • We require the presentation of a library card or acceptable ID to access a library account
  • We make a good faith effort to be sure the borrower is in fact the card holder
  • In order to secure the fundamental (name, address, phone, email, expiration date) and private (pin) details of a person’s account, we require the card holder to be present to make any changes to this information
  • To renew a library card, which involves reviewing the personal details of an account, we verify identity
  • Personal borrowing information (titles out, fined, billed or on hold) is not volunteered unless the card holder is present

    For more information on privacy and your rights as a library user, click here.