At the O’Connell Branch we strive to bring everyone in our neighborhood together not just as a community, but also as a family. The O’Connell Branch is a place where everyone greets each other by their first names, a place where children can run along and freely enjoy unique arts and crafts sessions every Thursday afternoon. It’s a branch with a little bit of everything to accommodate everybody of different background and tastes. Spend a night celebrating our seasonal potluck dinners and open your world to the exotic aromas of international dishes, the sweet, tantalizing smell of food, and other fine and carefully crafted delicacies. Come and sharpen your tongue in Mandarin Chinese with our diverse Chinese collections and staff. Just arrived to the U.S.? Don’t worry, come and join our Tuesday night English conversation. Check out the calendar of events for more programming information.

If activities are not what you are looking for, then come and glance at our shelf of books and DVDs. Our collection houses a large variety of authors, usually available just two days fresh after the release date. Need to check your email and twitter? Then sign up for one of our computer sessions, and engage yourselves to the vast expanses of the internet.  

So come on down to the O’Connell Branch. Whether you are greeted with hola or ni hao, it won’t take long for you to become family.

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Monday - Wednesday 10am-8pm
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48 Sixth St. 02141
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