Census 2010 Cambridge Complete Count Committee Formed


Census 2010 Cambridge Complete Count Committee

The City of Cambridge has announced the formation of the Census 2010 Cambridge Complete Count Committee.  The committee, which consists of community leaders from religious and educational institutions, neighborhood groups, businesses, non-profit organizations, and the public sector, will spread the word about the importance of the 2010 Census and work on motivating every resident in Cambridge to complete and return their Census questionnaire.  The U.S. Constitution mandates this national headcount every 10 years.  This count includes every resident -- citizens and noncitizens.

The Census Questionnaire is Simple and Confidential

The Census form, which will be mailed out in March 2010, is simple with just 10 questions.  Most importantly, Census data is 100% confidential.  It is illegal for the Census Bureau to share personal information with any other government agency, including law enforcement, IRS, Welfare, FBI, Immigration, etc.

Ensuring Accurate Census Data Helps the Community

Making sure everyone is counted is critically important as the numbers affect how more than $400 billion in federal and state funds are distributed to communities.  Funding can be allocated to variety of areas, including:

• Assisting families and low income populations;
• Housing assistance and rehabilitation loans;
• Schools and education;
• Emergency food and shelter;
• Programs for the elderly, the disabled and veterans;
• Public transportation & road construction;
• Clinics and other health services

The Complete Count Committee will be conducting outreach in the Cambridge community, using a grassroots approach to get the word out about the Census, especially to the hard to reach populations and non English speaking groups.  Key objectives will be to reiterate that the Census is coming; the questionnaire is easy to complete and mail back; the data is confidential; an accurate count is important and will benefit community programs and services.
Cambridge Facts

• In the 2000 Census, the City of Cambridge ranked fifth in population among the 10 largest cities
   in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, with a count of 101,355.

• In the 2000 Census, the City of Cambridge recorded 42,615 households.

• In the 2000 Census, the City of Cambridge had a population density of 15,766 people per square mile, making Cambridge the fifth most densely populated city in the U.S.

• In the 2000 Census, 70% of Cambridge residents 25 years or older had a Bachelor’s degree or higher.


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