2011 Municipal Election Unofficial Results for Cambridge School Committee



Write-In and Auxiliary Ballots are included in the results; Provisional and Overseas Absentee Ballots are not included.

  • The following results are unofficial as of November 9, 2011. The rankings listed below, from first to last in order of finish, are based on the ballots scanned at the precincts on Election Day, plus the Write-In and Auxiliary Ballots.
  • The results may change as a result of votes cast on Provisional Ballots and Overseas Absentee Ballots, which will be counted on November 18, as required by State Law. No results are final, and no candidate can be declared elected until all ballots have been counted and the Election Commission announces the official results.

Fantini, Alfred B. 2184   ELECTED -- 1st count
Nolan, Patricia M. 2184   ELECTED -- 5th count
Turkel, Alice L. 2184   ELECTED -- 5th count
Osborne, Mervan F. 2184   ELECTED -- 6th count
Harding, Jr., Richard 2184   ELECTED -- 8th count
McGovern, Marc C. 2184   ELECTED -- 8th count
Tauber, Nancy  DEFEATED -- 7th count
Gerber, Joyce C.  DEFEATED -- 6th count
Holland, John J.  DEFEATED -- 5th count
Forster, Bill  DEFEATED -- 4th count
Stead, Sr., Charles Le.  DEFEATED -- 3rd count
Write-In 1  DEFEATED -- 2nd count
Write-In 2  DEFEATED -- 2nd count
Write-In 5  DEFEATED -- 2nd count
Write-In 3  DEFEATED -- 2nd count
Write-In 6  DEFEATED -- 2nd count
Write-In 4  DEFEATED -- 2nd count
TOTALS: 15287   

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