The Central Square Branch's On the Wall Gallery

November 2015 - "Watercolors" by Pamela Hsieh

Most artists, although not all, work with a purpose. Most visual artists hope to communicate something to their viewers. Some have a message for the public and some want to provoke positive or negative feelings. Are you wondering what I hope to do for you, my viewer? Here is my plan. I want to take you somewhere else. I’ve painted real places you might recognize, but ventured just a bit into fantasy mode. Do you find them a bit abstract? Dramatic? Impressionistic? It doesn’t matter, just come along.





Calling All Artists!

Looking for a place to exhibit your art? The "On the Wall Gallery" at the Central Square Branch Library affords artists, photographers, art associations, and civic groups an opportunity to show their work. The fact that it stimulates cultural awareness of the community and encourages greater use of the library’s collections and facilities is an added bonus!

Exhibits are generally planned on a monthly basis and are to be hung by the exhibitors using appropriate hardware provided by the library. Suitable works for hanging include 2-dimensional works: paintings, drawings, graphic work, photographs, tapestries, fabric art, needle arts, etc. The space is 10'x10'.

If you’re interested in showing your work, please come to the Central Square Library or call (617) 349-4444.

Download the Policy and Loan Agreement for Exhibitors



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