Adopt a Hydrant

1/5/20241 month ago

Adopt a hydrant interactive map

The winter season is upon us. With snow coming this weekend, don't forget about helping your community shovel out the hydrants near you. The Adopt a Hydrant interactive mapping tool lets you search for a hydrant near an address (your home, business, school, etc.) and commit to keeping it free of snow and accessible throughout the winter season. Consider helping the Cambridge Fire Department out this year by "adopting" a hydrant to shovel out during winter weather.

Immediately following a snow storm, firefighters will be out on the streets clearing the hydrants in their districts, but this takes time. We have approximately 1,900 hydrants in the City of Cambridge. It is a big task that can be completed more quickly with community assistance.

Learn how you can Adopt a Hydrant. And Thank You for helping to keep our city safe!