Cambridge Roofscapes

3/19/20243 weeks ago

Roofscapes story map screenshot showing an example of a green roof garden on top of a building.

The Cambridge Roofscape Story Map has been featured in the Esri March 2024 StoryScape. The StoryScape highlights GIS and place-based storytelling centered around planning and building strong, sustainable communities. Presented via bird's eye views, Cambridge Roofscapes investigates what makes roofs dark or light, warm or cool, and maps their distribution throughout the city.

This article also features the Solar Tree Rating 3D Web scene. Pair roof typology with the 3D solar tree ratings, and you begin to see how strategic city planning is taking new forms. But these visualizations aren’t just for city planners or GIS specialists. The City of Cambridge makes data, maps, and 3D web scenes readily available to all constituents. 

Explore Cambridge like a local, through our series of 3D Web Scenes.