Master Address Blocks

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MasterAddressBlocks were created for the field work phase of the Master Address Project. The blocks were derived from U.S. Census blocks, and were modified to create a set of maps to be used for field validation and verification of Cambridge addresses. The numbering does not hold any pattern.


This polygon layer is used to break down the City into blocks used for giving each address a unique ID. Each address which is associated with a building is broken down by block and unique ID within that block.

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Name Type Details Description
UNQ_ID type: Integer
width: 4
precision: 10
Block number
UNQ_ID2 type: String
width: 8
precision: 0
Neighborhood abbreviation and block number separated by "-"
NHOOD type: String
width: 6
precision: 0
Neighborhood abbreviation

Coordinate System

NAD 1983 StatePlane Massachusetts Mainland FIPS 2001 Feet