FY2013 Parcels

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This polygon layer contains all of the property parcels in Cambridge. Each parcel has a unique Map and Lot ID number that links it to a record in the Assessing Department's Vision database system. This data is updated through January 1, 2012.


Created for internal use by the Assessing Department to provide a visual reference associated with each parcel in the CAMA database. Created for interdepartmental and external use as part of the web viewers on the City's website. Also created for addressing/geocoding needs, although the Buildings and Master Address List are currently more accurate than Parcels. NOTE: The Parcels GIS data layer is NOT used by Assessing to calculate land area or taxes. Assessors refer to actual deeds or plans accepted by the Massachusetts Land Court. The figures stored in the GIS data layer are for general reference purposes only.

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Name Type Details Description
ML type: String
width: 16
precision: 0
Map and Lot numbers separated by "-"
MAP type: String
width: 5
precision: 0
Map (block) number
LOT type: String
width: 5
precision: 0
Lot (parcel) number
FCODE type: Integer
width: 4
precision: 10
Parcel type code
UYEAR type: Integer
width: 4
precision: 10
Update year
APPROVED type: String
width: 35
precision: 0
Assessing staff who approved most recent edit
EDITOR type: String
width: 20
precision: 0
Initials of person making most recent edit

Coordinate System

NAD 1983 StatePlane Massachusetts Mainland FIPS 2001 Feet