Snow Emergency Parking

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During a declared snow emergency, Cambridge residents are responsible for moving their cars off of streets signed "No Parking during Snow Emergency." To assist residents in parking their vehicles, free parking is provided in the facilities indicated in this dataset. If an announced snow emergency will be in effect overnight and begins after 6PM and before 7AM, the designated parking facilities will be free starting at 6PM rather than at the start of the snow emergency. This free parking program is available only to Cambridge residents with Resident Parking Permits issued by the Department of Traffic, Parking and Transportation.


Snow Emergency Off Street Parking for Residents

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Name Type Details Description
NAME type: String
width: 50
precision: 0
Name of Off Street Parking Location. May be an address or a formal name.
ADDRESS type: String
width: 50
precision: 0
Address of the parking facility
OWNER type: String
width: 50
precision: 0
Owner of the parking facility.

Coordinate System

NAD 1983 StatePlane Massachusetts Mainland FIPS 2001 Feet