Concord Avenue Neighborhood

The Concord Ave Project includes the streets listed below. To view streetscape plans, please click on the link adjacent to the street name. To view more detailed plans about the streets, please visit our "Documents" tab to download the most up-to-date version.

Concord Avenue (Birch St to Huron Ave) - View Plans

Alpine Street (Vassal Ln to Garden St) - View Plans Part 1        View Plans Part 2

Bay State Road - View Plans

Birch Street - View Plans

Chilton Street (105/106 Chilton St to Field St) - View Plans Part 1    View Plans Part 2

Copley Street - View Plans

Corporal Burns Road - View Plans

Fayerweather Street (131/136 Fayerweather St to Field St) - View Plans Part 1    View Plans Part 2

Fern Street - View Plans

Field StreetView Plans Part 1        View Plans Part 2

Garden Street (Field St to Walden St) - View Plans

Hazel Street - View Plans

Ivy Street - View Plans

Saville Street (Walden St to Fayerweather St) - View Plans

Walden Street (379/380 Walden St to Garden St) - View Plans

Spring 2015 Community Update Letter and Schedule of Events

Week of June 29th – July 2nd *
*Please note, there will be No Work on Friday, July 3rd in Observance of Independence Day

Activity Description:
• Chilton (North)- Water
• Fern- Sewer and drain
• Garden- Sewer

Streets Impacted: Chilton Street, Fern Street and Garden Street

Week of July 6th- July 10th (anticipated activity)

Activity Description:
• Chilton (North)- Water
• Fayerweather- Surface work
• Fern- Sewer and drain
• Garden- Sewer
• Saville- Surface work

Streets Impacted: Chilton Street, Fayerweather Street, Fern Street, Garden Street, and Saville Street

Future Outlook:
• Garden- Water

Additional Resident Engineer Notes:
• Pre-construction surveys ongoing
• Private Inflow throughout the contract is ongoing

Resident Engineer: Mike Smith at (857) 201-1005 /

Contact Information:
For any questions, concerns, or assistance with this project, or to sign up to receive project
specific email updates, please contact KyAnn Anderson, DPW’s Community Relations Manager, at (617) 498-4708 /    

In case of emergency after hours or on weekends, please call the DPW 24-Hour line at (617)-349-4860.

Click here for the sequencing schedule for Concord Avenue and here for the latest Construction Schedule - Revised April 2015

 Concord Avenue Neighborhood Contract Overall Schedule:

• Preliminary Design: January 2013 – May 2013
• Final Design: June 2013 – September 2013
• Construction Begins* winter 2013/2014

* NOTE - Sewer separation and utility work in the Concord Ave Neighborhood is estimated to last for 15 months followed by 9 months of surface restoration and improvements.


The Alewife Sewer Separation Project is made up of three major contract areas in three adjoining neighborhoods, the Huron Avenue A, Huron Avenue B and Concord Avenue neighborhoods. These contracts are part of the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority’s (MWRA) Long Term Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Control Plan for the Alewife Brook. Sewer separation and stormwater management in these contract areas will separate existing combined sewers and provide dedicated sanitary sewers and stormwater drains.

About The Design

The principal goals of the Alewife Sewer Separation Project is to improve water quality in the Alewife Brook by eliminating combined sewer overflows; protect Fresh Pond Reservoir from potential contaminants; and, control the occurrences of street flooding and sewer and stormwater backups on public and private properties. Prior to beginning design, building and system investigation for the entire project area was undertaken by the City’s consultants. Those Investigations are necessary to understand how and where discharges from the sanitary sewer, sump pump, yard drain, driveway drain, stairwell drain and roof drains leave private property. In addition to the sewer separation work, the infrastructure design for each project area will include upgrades of water, cable, gas and electric.

The City will work with the community in developing an approach to surface improvements that address pedestrian, vehicular, landscaping, and environmental concerns for each of the project areas. Community meetings will be held to discuss neighborhood concerns and potential design solutions.

Cambridge Department of Public Works
147 Hampshire Street
Catherine Daly Woodbury, Project Manager / 617.349.4818

DPW Office hours are:
Mondays, 8:30 AM to 8 PM
Tuesday through Thursday, 8:30 AM to 5 PM
Friday, 8:30 AM to 12 noon

For information related to the project design and to sign up to receive project specific email updates contact KyAnn Anderson, the DPW's Community Coordinator at 617.498.4708/ or Catherine Daly Woodbury the DPW's Project Manager at 617.349.4818/ .

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