About 3D

The GIS Team has been experimenting with and developing a citywide 3D model which extends the City’s GIS infrastructure with three dimensional data. While 2D GIS data is extremely valuable in mapping citywide resources, features, and points of interest, the 3D expansion allows for new types of visualizations and analysis that were not previously available to internal city staff and the public. As the 3D mapping technology advances we are working towards bridging the gap between our 2D and 3D offerings. You can explore the collection of scenes in the 3D Web Scene Gallery that have been created by Cambridge GIS for citywide or specific department projects and efforts.

The Citywide 3D Model Project is a collaboration between the Community Development Department (CDD) and the GIS Department. This project is a continuation of work which began in 2012 which has focused on 3D data development, internal workflow within City departments, interactive mapping and a robust 3D Web page with data download capabilities. The City now has a plan in place for data maintenance and for maintaining a 3D citywide basemap, which will be integrated with 2D GIS and related tabular data. The 3D project is expanding beyond the CDD and GIS efforts to other departments within the City.

To learn more about the Cambridge 3D Project, please see the Citywide Model or explore the different Web Scenes. The 3D data is also available for download in a number of different formats. Please follow us on Twitter and keep an eye on our website for updates and news on our continued 3D efforts.