Commercial Districts

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This polygon layer contains boundaries for twelve commercial districts across the City of Cambridge. The Commercial Districts are:

  • Central Square

  • Concord Alewife/Fresh Pond

  • East Cambridge

  • Harvard Square

  • Huron Village/Observatory Hill

  • Inman Square

  • Kendall Square

  • Lower Cambridgeport

  • Lower Mass. Ave.

  • North Point

  • Osborn Triangle

  • Porter Square/North Mass. Ave.


Boundaries were determined by the Economic Development Division of the Community Development Department and are used in their work with local retailers, restaurants, and service providers. For more information on Cambridge commercial districts, see

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Name Type Details Description
DISTNAME type: String
width: 50
precision: 0
The name of the district
DISTTYPE type: String
width: 50
precision: 0
The type of district: Commercial, Development
WEBPAGE type: String
width: 150
precision: 0
URL to relevant page on CDD Economic Development website

Coordinate System

NAD 1983 StatePlane Massachusetts Mainland FIPS 2001 Feet