Zoning Overlay Districts

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This polygon layer contains the zoning overlay districts in the City of Cambridge that set out additional or alternative zoning regulations to an area's base zoning restrictions. Overlay districts typically govern aesthetic and physical features, rather than restricting use.


Created as part of Cambridge's Zoning Ordinance to delineate zoning overlay district boundaries.

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Name Type Details Description
OVERLAP type: String
width: 4
precision: 0
A "Y" in this field indicates a separate polygon that represents an area of overlap between overlay districts.
ORDNUM type: String
width: 12
precision: 0
Ordinance number
TYPE type: String
width: 15
precision: 0
Type of overlay district (i.e., Institutional or Other)
LABEL type: String
width: 20
precision: 0
Used for mapping
NAME type: String
width: 50
precision: 0
Overlay district name
ARTICLE type: String
width: 50
precision: 0

Coordinate System

NAD 1983 StatePlane Massachusetts Mainland FIPS 2001 Feet