$200 Grants To Fund Your Block Party

5/18/202314 months ago

And Permitting Is Now Easier And Quicker

Block party

Get a $200 Grant (limited supply) to support your block party, with funding from Cambridge Arts, the City’s Art & Cultural Planning program, and the Cambridge Public Health Department.

Apply: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/3dea023f006f41a4adb93301e4c9946d

Plus it's now easier to host block parties in Cambridge. The City has eliminated the application fee. We've made permitting easier and quicker. And Play Streets pop-up party kits can be borrowed for free.

Apply for a block party permit: cambridgema.gov/blockparty

Apply for Play Streets equipment: https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/3dea023f006f41a4adb93301e4c9946d

Block Parties build community, strengthen connections among neighbors, and showcase creativity to make a healthier (and more fun) community. That's why Cambridge Arts; the Cambridge Public Health Department; the Traffic, Parking and Transportation Department; and the Community Development Department's Arts and Cultural Planning and Play Streets program are coming together, with support from the City Council, to support your neighborhood celebrations, especially by those who haven't hosted one in the past.

To encourage more residents to host block parties this year, the City is:

  • Offering $200 cash grants to reduce party costs (limited supply).
  • Eliminating the $25 block party permit fee.
  • Changing the signature requirement: Applicants now only need to collect signatures in support of the party from 25% of households on the block (previously it was 75%).
  • Shortening the approval process: Applications only need to be submitted 14 days in advance of the party (previously it was 30 days).
  • Making it easier for residents to host a series of block parties: Residents can now apply just once for block parties on multiple dates (such as the first Sunday of each month).
  • Offering free games and activities through the Play Streets program.