Community Supported Art

A collection of the 9 2016 Community Supported Artworks, framed grouped against a wall

Collect Art, Support Art-Making In Cambridge

Community Supported Art takes the model of buying a farm share to help support local agriculture and adapts it to supporting art-making in our community. Buy one of our shares and you get fresh, high-quality art at a reasonable price. Your purchase supports local artists, your neighbors, working right here in Cambridge. Which helps keep Cambridge creative.

How to Buy
Community Supported Art is great for your home or office and makes handsome gifts.
You can by 1 or 2 artworks for $75 each at our pop-up sales events, or pick up a bundle of three artworks for $150.
Gift certificates are available.
By appointment: Email us or phone: 617-349-4380

Community Supported Art is a program of the Cambridge Arts Council. Please email us or call (617) 349-4380.

Meet Our Artists:
Learn more about the Cambridge artists making Community Supported Art. 

Artists participating in the 2018 Community Supported Art program.

Our 2018 artists:
Jessica Caponigro
Emily Cobb
Xian Ho
Peter McCarthy
Susan Murie
Leah Pillsbury
Cory Shea

Grid of works by the 2017 Community Supported Artists
Our 2017 artists:
Nancy Beams
Cicely Carew
Nancy Hart
Tanya Hayes Lee
Boriana Kantcheva
Shin Maeng
Judith Motzkin
Hiroko Okahashi
Nina Pattek

All artists who participated in the Community Supported Art program in 2016
Our 2016 artists: 
Mireli Books
Marcia Cohen
Estelle Disch
Melissa Glick
Linda Haas
Janet Malenfant
Margarette Mattos
Anne Plaisance
Deidre Tao

Ariel: “The selection process was a really excellent experience. It was like a great wine tasting -- the chance to see all the different art had a wonderful sensory aspect but also taught me more about my own taste.”

Eli: “The thing that surprised me the most was the variety of pieces from which we could choose. The way that I like to buy art, I don't necessarily know what I'm looking for until I see it. As such, the best thing that can happen for me is when I encounter a variety of styles, media, and forms, which is exactly what happened. … When we saw some prints and some mixed media and some marker work and some sculpture and some acrylic and so on, it made the whole thing feel very dynamic and it exposed me to a lot of options that I wouldn't have thought to look for.”

Sioban: “It was wonderful to have a selection of pieces and share packages. Process was easy and items were high quality. I have so much art in my home and office that I gave all the items as gifts. The recipients loved the pieces and appreciated that they were created by Cambridge artists.”

Agnès: “I love the idea to live in a dynamic city which supports local artists and fosters creativity. As a Cambridge resident, I feel proud of this initiative.”

Visit the ongoing Community Supported Art displays at:
• Porter Square Window, White Street, North Cambridge.
• Cambridge Public Library, 449 Broadway, Mid-Cambridge.

Cambridge Arts Community Supported Art display at Pemberton Farms Marketplace in Cambridge.

Cambridge Arts Community Supported Art display at Pemberton Farms Marketplace in Cambridge.

Planting The Seeds:

Cambridge Arts’ Community Supported Art program began with the aim to do more to support artists here in Cambridge by helping develop new economic opportunities. In May 2016, with program support from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a professional jury selected nine Cambridge artists to be our inaugural group. Each artist would produce a series of 50 small artworks for sale. The program pays participating artists an honorarium and also provides them professional development and exhibition opportunities in close partnership with CCTV, The Cambridge Art Association and other local arts organizations. All proceeds from the sales of Community Supported Art directly benefit the artists and support the continuation of the program.