Free Workshops: How To Start Your Art Career

9/28/20238 months ago

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People participating in professional development workshops for artists.

Free Workshops: How To Start Your Art Career

Are you starting your career as an artist in Cambridge? Cambridge Arts and the city's Community Development Department are offering free workshops to help emerging artists with financial literacy, artistic identity, grant writing, marketing, advocacy, and wellness. Workshops will be offered online during the months of October and November 2023 and February 2024.

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We are offering this opportunity to practitioners in every form of creative expression, however, there is limited availability. We encourage local artists and practitioners from historically disempowered and oppressed communities (women, people of color, veterans, individuals who are disabled, and members of the LGBTQ+ community) to register. Workshops will be offered by Dunamis, a Boston nonprofit focused on providing professional development training for emerging artists of color.

Workshop Schedule

Tuesday, Oct. 10: Artistic Identity: Discovering and communicating your artistic identity

Tuesday, Oct. 17: Money Money Money: Personal financial literacy for artists

Monday, Oct. 30: Arts Advocacy and the Artist-Citizen: An introduction to movement ecology, social change roles, and civic engagement for creatives

Monday, Nov. 13: Grant Writing: Researching grants and crafting strong proposals

Monday, Nov. 27: Digital Marketing and Audience Development: Communicating your artistry, identifying and reaching your target audience

Monday, Feb. 5: Health and Wellness for Artists: The art of caring for yourself and advocating for your needs while navigating the challenges of being of a professional artist