Outdoor Lighting Ordinance

Image of a house with outdoor porch lighting.  

Objectives of Ordinance

The purpose of this ordinance is to regulate outdoor lighting in the city, the intent being to permit an amount of outdoor lighting that is appropriate to allow for the safe use and enjoyment of outdoor areas, while also mitigating potential nuisance in the form of light trespass and glare to abutters and the public at large, reducing light pollution and promoting energy conservation.


Lighting Best Practices

Adequate lighting in the city ensures people can go out after dark but excessive lighting can have negative impacts such as light trespass, glare, light pollution and wasting energy.  Sensible lighting practices make good lighting AND good neighbors!  Good lighting achieves the following:


  • Promotes safety and security in our neighborhoods.
  • Preserves and enhances neighborhood character.
  • Reduces or prevents light from spilling onto neighboring properties.
  • Promotes energy conservation and saves money.
  • Enhances the night-sky beauty.
  • Improves the quality of life for people and wildlife 


    For more information about the Outdoor Lighting Ordinance, frequently asked questions, Good Neighbor Lighting Brochure, sample lighting plan; to file a complaint; to apply for an Administrative Exemption; or other resources, please click on the LINKs in the menu on the left-side of this page.