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How does Cambridge think about protected data?

The open data program protects privacy and security by:

  • Evaluating which datasets should be released at which level of access. 
  • Marshalling technical systems that allow for different tiers of access to the City’s data resources. 
  • Implementing controls such as anonymization and aggregation to prevent the public release of protected data. 
  • Soliciting input from city staff and residents about the proper balance of privacy and transparency.

To learn more about how the open data program thinks about protected data, take a look at our open data ordinance or the materials from our open data review board meetings

What are the goals of Cambridge’s Open Data Program?

Data created and maintained by the City of Cambridge is a public good and should be released to and leveraged in service of Cambridge’s residents, businesses, and institutions. Cambridge’s Open Data Program is a set of systems, technologies, and policies for maximizing the value of Cambridge’s data while simultaneously maintaining the highest possible degree of protection for privacy and security.

The open data program increases the value of city data by:

  • Releasing data in service of transparency and community engagement, so that residents understand what their city is doing.
  • Enabling city staff and the public to use the data in analyses and software applications that help Cambridge deliver services more efficiently.
  • Providing businesses and other organizations with relevant data at no cost, so that Cambridge continues to maintain a thriving local economy.
  • Removing silos between city departments, thereby fostering data-sharing and enabling efficiency improvements for city service delivery.

Whom should I contact if I notice a potential data privacy issue?

Please send an email to OpenData@CambridgeMA.GOV. We’ll get in touch with you shortly

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