Water Service Issues

Leak Photo

Water Service or Distribution System issues or emergencies

If you are experiencing any water related issues or emergencies like the ones listed below please call the Water Departments 24 hour main phone at:  617-349-4770

Leak in Street

If you see water bubbling up in the street or sidewalk, please call the Water Department as soon as possible.

Leak in Basement or Property

If you notice water leaking into your property or have pipes leaking in your basement that you cannot control by closing the shut-off valve, please call the Water Department.

Low Water Pressure

If you are experiencing lower pressure than usual, check to see if the low pressure is in all locations in your house, if so call the Water Department. If the low pressure is isolated to one location you can check your strainer at the outlet of your faucet to make sure it is clear. If after cleaning the strainer you water pressure is still low you should contact a plumber.

Discolored Water

If you experience discolored water run just the cold water for a couple of minutes, if the water is still discolored , call the Water Department. If the cold water runs clear, shut off the cold water and let the hot water run for one minute, if the hot water is discolored, your hot water heater may need to be purged or replaced.

No Water

If you turn on a faucet and find that you have no water, try another faucet in your home. If you find that you do have water at the second faucet, you have an internal problem and need to contact a plumber. If you find that you do not have water at the second faucet and you are the homeowner and know that no one is working in your home that may have shut your water off, then call the Water Department. If you are a tenant in a multi-family dwelling check with other tenants to see if they have water. If no one does check with the owner to see if work is being done. If no work is being done or can't be determined, call the Water Department. If you are the only one experiencing no water a plumber must be called.

Gate Box Cover Missing

If you notice a missing gate box, please notify the Water Department.

Leaking or Broken Fire Hydrant

Please notify the Water Department