Water Bill Information

The Cambridge Water Department together with the Tax Collectors Office issues bills quarterly to  customers.  All bills are due and payable within thirty (30) days of the billing date.

For question regarding payments contact the Tax Collectors Office at 617-349-4220. 

To pay your water bill on-line, please click here.

Please make checks payable to: The City of Cambridge

Mail payments to: Tax Collectors Office
                                    City of Cambridge
                                    PO Box 399142
                                    Cambridge, MA 02139-9142 

For questions regarding meter readings, change the address, final bills and service calls, please call 617-349-4771 or email us.  


Water Rates

The City of Cambridge uses a block rate system to encourage water conservation and to provide a more equitable billing system. The block rates below will commence with the water/sewer usage as of April 1, 2018, and you will see the changes in bills issued as of July 1, 2018.

Quarterly Consumption  FY19 Water Rate FY19 Sewer Rate
Block 1 1 to 10 CcF  $ 3.02  $  11.00
Block 2 11 to 100 CcF  $ 3.24  $  11.63
Block 3 101 to 500 CcF  $ 3.44  $  12.49
Block 4 501 to 2,500 CcF  $ 3.65  $  13.45
Block 5 Over 2,501 CcF  $ 3.96  $  14.30

* All rates are per CcF. CcF is an abbreviation for 100 cubic feet, which is approximately 750 gallons.


Senior Discount Program  

The City offers a 15% discount, not to exceed $90 per fiscal year, to residents 65 years of age or older who own and occupy their one, two or three family homes.  Any resident who was granted a Clause 41C elderly exemption on FY2013 real estate taxes will receive a 30% discount, not to exceed $180 per fiscal year. The City automatically grants this discount where applicable. 

Please click here to download an application form.