Construction Standards and Operating Procedures

The City of Cambridge Construction and Operating Procedures are provided to outline the Water Departments minimum criteria for construction of utilities and infrastructure within city limits. It is the duty of the property owner to verify and obtain all applicable permits. All water works construction projects shall follow these procedures.

The City’s authorized representatives must approve the proposed construction.

Written permits must be obtained from appropriate agencies, and all permit fees paid before construction begins.

Contractors working on city roads, right of ways, or city owned utilities must be bonded with the City of Cambridge.

Final definitive plans shall conform in accordance with the latest edition of the rules and regulations of the City of Cambridge and these procedures and shall receive approval of the appropriate officials before improvements are made.

These practices were prepared with the intent of obtaining the highest quality of construction possible, consistent with accepted industry practices and specifications.

A minimum of 72 hours notice shall be given to the CWD prior to starting construction. Emergency work will be approved by the Distribution Manager or designated representative.

The Contractor shall be responsible for the preparation and submittal of legible As-Built Water Feature record drawings to the CWD no later than 60 days after completion of construction. Record drawings shall be a full set of drawings showing all details of the construction and as agreed with the CWD Engineering Dept. at the time of construction permit execution.

Copies of the Construction and Operating Procedures may be obtained from the Cambridge Water Department or please click here to down load the PDF.