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Information on current and completed projects at Fresh Pond Reservation.

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Black's Nook Restoration Project
Aimed at increasing wildlife habitat value and water quality by fostering native wetland and woodland plant communities and stabilizing the shoreline with native vegetation, coir logs, and erosion control matting.
Fresh Pond Reservation Completed Project
Drainage and Community Garden Project Page
Aimed at improving drainage along the perimeter path near the bike path entrance, as well as increasing access and improving design of the community gardens.
Fresh Pond Reservation In Progress
Drainage and Habitat Improvements Project
Aimed to enhance the hydrology and ecology of the southern watershed on Fresh Pond Reservation to improve water quality.
Fresh Pond Reservation Completed Project
Eastern Red-backed Salamander Monitoring Project
To determine whether Eastern Red-backed Salamanders are present at the Fresh Pond Reservation and to assess the health of the ecologically important populations.
Fresh Pond Reservation In Progress
Fire Department Access Improvements
Aimed at improving the City of Cambridge Fire Department's access to equipment testing space at Fresh Pond Reservation.
Fresh Pond Reservation Completed Project
Fresh Pond Monarch Watch
The beautiful and ecologically significant monarch butterfly has been in decline worldwide in recent years and its annual migration down the eastern seaboard is believed to be under threat. This raise-and-release project is a combination of volunteer stewardship, invasive plant management, native re-vegetation, and public education all aimed at encouraging a monarch population at Fresh Pond.
Fresh Pond Reservation In Progress
Glacken Slope Improvement Project
To improve runoff water quality by soil decompaction, erosion control, repaving the perimeter road with permeable asphalt, and native species and biodiversity restoration along Glacken Slope.
Fresh Pond Reservation In Progress
Interim Signage Plan
To ensure that signs throughout Fresh Pond Reservation are in good condition and clearly communicate necessary information.
Fresh Pond Reservation In Progress
Kingsley Park Improvements
Aims to improve pathway circulation and accessibility, drainage, historic value, discovery zones, and native species of Kingsley Park.
Fresh Pond Reservation In Progress
Little Fresh Pond Restoration
Shoreline restoration and drainage improvement project, as identified in the Fresh Pond Reservation Master Plan.
Fresh Pond Reservation Completed Project