USGS Collaboration

Since the 1990s, CWD has been working in collaboration with the USGS on instantaneous data collection in the three reservoirs and key primary tributaries throughout the watershed. The CWD and USGS have constructed and installed automated monitoring equipment at these key thations that record water quality data, water elevation and flow, precipitation, and water supply capacity in the reservoirs. There are also automated water sampling devices at these stations that can take samples based on changes in flow or precipitation. The stations upload data on a near-real-time basis to the Internet so that watershed staff can track changes and trends in water quality and quantity. In addition, these stations serve as early warning systems of changes in water quality should anomalous water quality data be displayed. Staff can detect these changes by viewing the data on the Internet and respond by visiting the stations in the field if necessary.

To access the USGS data for the Cambridge Water department, click here. [Link will open in a new browser].


USGS technicians monitoring water quality below the Stony Brook Reservoir.

USGS Water Quality Monitoring Reports

Several reports and fact sheets have been developed as a result of the joint work efforts between the CWD and USGS that describe methodology and results of the research conducted thus far. These reports can be accessed through the links below.

USGS Fact Sheet 2002

USGS Fact Sheet 1998