Mobile Food Truck Permitting/Licensing

Step 1

Mobile Food Trucks must be inspected by:

  1. Cambridge Fire Department (617-349-4990)
  2. Cambridge Inspectional Services (617-349-6100)

Print the Peddler Truck Inspection Form for sign-off at inspections

Mobile Food Truck must be parked on private property while vending. A letter of permission must be obtained from the property owner or representative which includes date, time, property owner’s contact information and referencing the name of the mobile food truck.

Upon completion of the inspections submit to Cambridge License Commission: 

  • Peddler Truck Inspection Form 
  • Letter of Permission
  • Massachusetts State Hawker/Peddler License
  • Mobile Food Truck registration

A vendor from out of state must obtain a Massachusetts State Hawker/Peddler License from the Massachusetts Division of Standards at 617-727-3480 or

Step 2

In order to vend, obtain a food permit from the City of Cambridge Online Permitting and Licensing System.

A "one day" event requires:

  • One Day Vending/Peddler License 
  • Temporary Food Service Permit (listed alphabetically)

Annual Permit and License needed to vend in a specific location for an extended period of time:

  • Food (Mobile Food Truck) Permit
  • Annual Vending/Peddler License from the Cambridge License Commission

A vendor with a Mobile Food Truck License and/or an annual Vending/Peddler License from the City of Cambridge is for a designated location. To vend in another location a Temporary Food Service Permit and a One Day Vending/Peddler License is needed for each instance.


Peddlers Truck Inspection Form

Online Permitting Program