Hubway Reaches 1 Million Rides


Hubway bike


(Boston-Metro, MA) Within less than two years’ time, Hubway hit 1 million rides on the afternoon of Saturday, July 13 marking a significant milestone for the ever-expanding system.

Brooke Savage, a resident of Boston and annual member since 2012, checked out a bike from Washington St. at Waltham St. at 2:00 in the afternoon, and rode for about 10 minutes, dropping it off at Franklin St. / Arch St. The well-timed ride was the 1 millionth tripped logged on a Hubway bike since the system was launched on July 28, 2011.

In other exciting news, Hubway members to date have collectively ridden nearly 1.1 million miles, burned nearly 40 million calories and offset an estimated 285 tons of CO2.

As Hubway approaches its second anniversary, there are now more than 8,100 active annual members with access to a fleet of 1100 bikes and 113 stations, which includes locations in Boston, Brookline, Cambridge and Somerville.

More trips start and end at South Station than any other, with over 41,000 rides flowing through its docks. Hubway currently averages more than 3,800 trips per day, system-wide, and July 12th holds the record for the highest daily usage, with 5,216 trips taken.
System partners include: the cities of Boston, Cambridge, Somerville, the Town of Brookline; and Alta Bicycle Share.

Bicycle sharing contributes to economic progress, reducing emissions, and improving health, equity and safety in transportation. . Bicycle sharing is an innovative approach to urban mobility, combining the flexibility of a private vehicle with the accessibility and reliability of mass transit.