New Hubway Station at 6th and Binney



Biogen Idec Welcomes a New Hubway Station at 6th and Binney

Biogen Idec is thrilled to welcome a new Hubway Station to its Cambridge campus, located in the heart of Kendall Square. The Company believes the bicycle sharing system not only supports commuters in a healthy and sustainable manner, but also provides a convenient alternative for employees who wish to travel throughout the city during the day. With a station located right on campus, employees can grab a bike in the middle of the day to run a quick errand, attend an appointment, or just take a healthy break. Employees have anxiously awaited the station’s arrival and are eager to take advantage of Hubway!

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For more information on the bike share program in the City of Cambridge, contact Cara Seiderman at or 617/347-5629.