Custom Woodwork Playground Equipment Celebrated


Playstructure at Alberico Park - November 2012

Cambridge woodworker Mitch Ryerson, who created custom features at recently renovated parks in Cambridgeport, is profiled in a article.  

In 2013 the Community Development Department redesigned and oversaw the renovation of Alberico Park, David Nunes (Old Morse) Park, and Fulmore Park, all located in Cambridgeport.  The design concepts for each of the three parks reflected key objectives: to build community; to build great places; to design parks for everyone; to balance passive and active uses; and to integrate the natural environment.  Park improvements throughout the city are also guided by the Healthy Parks and Playgrounds goal to provide play environments that are physically motivating, challenging, creative and imaginative and serve all ages, interests and levels of ability throughout the year.

As part of the renovations to Alberico Park and Fulmore Park, Mitch Ryerson created a custom, one of a kind play structure, seating, bridge, swinging bench, and other features carved from wood.

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