Bikes in Cambridge

Many people in Cambridge choose to use a bicycle to get around. Some do it for convenience, others for exercise, and yet others because it is economical. More and more people in Cambridge - and throughout the United States - are traveling by bike. The City promotes bicycling as an environmentally friendly form of travel - it is a key element of the official plan for reducing air pollution and addressing climate change. Every person who is on a bike takes up less room on the street, reduces congestion, decreases parking demand, and decreases air pollution. Bicycling also supports both individual and public health goals of promoting healthy exercise. It is important that our roads not only accommodate people who bicycle but invite them to do so - whether they are eight years old or 80 years old.

In order to support and promote bicycling, the City is working to further enhance the bicycle facility network, add bicycle parking throughout the City, promote bicycling through rides and events, contribute to bicycle training in schools and elsewhere for both children and adults, and add bike share as an option for residents, visitors, and workers.

What's New in the World of Cambridge by Bike?

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Cambridge Bicycle Network Plan

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WikiMap - provide input on the Bicycle Network - *CLOSED July 1, 2014*

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What's new with biking in Cambridge these days?

Bike Plan Outreach Infographic thumbnail
Over 2,000 comments were provided through Bicycle Plan outreach from May to July 2014 - see this infographic for details

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The Bicycle Network Plan Open House was held June 12, 2014 - view infographics that were presented!

Hubway Bicycles
Fall Bike Workshops announced

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Bicycle Toolbox

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Bicycle Crash Information

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Hubway Bikeshare


Other Resources

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5 Year Street and Sidewalk Plan

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DPW Construction Interactive Map

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CitySmart Bicycle Information

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Bicycle Facilities Map

Tiny map showing location of Cambridge fixit stations
Bicycle Fix-It Stations

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Bicycle Parking

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Bicycle Safety

bike trends
By the Numbers: Data and Trends

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Cambridge Bicycle Committee

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Police Dept. Bike Safety

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Learn to Ride!

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Rules of the Road

Tiny grey map

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Bike FAQ

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For More Information

For more information on bike policies and infrastructure in Cambridge, contact Cara Seiderman, 617/349-4629 or

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