Staff Contact Information for Transportation Planning

City Hall Annex at 344 Broadway

Susanne Rasmussen, Director of Environmental and Transportation Planning, 617/349-4607

Juan Avendano, Traffic Calming Project Manager, 617/349-4655

Tegin Teich Bennett, Transportation Planner, 617/349-4615

John Bolduc, Environmental Planner, 617/349-4628

Bronwyn Cooke, Sustainability Planner, 617/349-4604

Bill Deignan, Transportation Program Manager, 617/349-4632

Seth Federspiel, Energy Planner, 617/349-4674

Stephanie Groll, Parking and Transportation Demand Management Planning Officer, 617/349-4673

Jennifer Lawrence, Sustainability Planner, 617/349-4671

Cara Seiderman, Transportation Program Manager, 617/349-4629

Justin Schreiber, Assistant Transportation Planner, 617/349-6012

Meghan Shaw, Cambridge Energy Alliance Outreach Director, 617/349-5323