Map Collections

The Community Development Department produces a wide variety of maps for its own use and as a source of information for the public.  Topics range over wide area, covering everything from the locations of farmers markets to parks to zoning.  You will find a number of web maps built directly into our web pages, where you can go to locations of interest throughout the City, or you can use the map gallery links to PDFs and other documents explore our map collections.

Please note: the best street and wayfinding map of Cambridge is the Getting Around Cambridge Map

For More Information

Learn more about the use of GIS - a Geographic Information System - in planning and mapping.

For more information about these maps and about GIS contact Brendan Monroe at 617/349-4641 or

Web Maps

  • CDD Locator Map: This map of the City includes multiple data layers, and allows users to select a location and obtain information about a variety of features located nearby any spot in the City of Cambridge.
  • Bicycle Parking: The map shows the locations of all bicycle parking racks on public property, including those owned by the City of Cambridge and the MBTA.
  • Commercial Districts: Cambridge’s compact geography and population density allows the City’s vibrant commercial districts and neighborhoods to offer a healthy retail mix to serve residents, workers and visitors.
  • LEED Energy Efficient Buildings: This map shows the locations of Cambridge buildings that have received LEED recognition (Certified) or are working towards LEED certification (Registered).
  • Parks and Playgrounds: Browse the map to find parks in your neighborhood and across the city. Select a park to learn more about its features and amenities.
  • Solar Potential Map: Click on a property to find out what their potential is to generate electricity from solar photovoltaic panels and the financial and environmental implications of installing the project. To learn how to use the map, check out this easy-to-follow video by MoDe Studios.
  • Active Special Permits: Shows the locations of all active special permits granted but not built, under construction, or completed since the beginning of 2011.
  • Completed Special Permits: Includes the locations of all special permits for which construction is complete and Certificate of Occupancy has been issued.
  • Waterplay Map: Browse the map to find waterplay features located in city-owned parks.

Interactive Maps

The Cambridge CityViewer, maintained by the City's GIS staff, offers a an interactive mapping platform that allow users to view a varierty of different themes of the city. It has many features which allow users to view, query, and create maps, as well as export selected datasets into a spreadsheet, generate abutters list for mailings, use measurement tools, mark up maps, send links to users by e-mail, and more.

Go to the Cambridge CityViewer Home Page.

Maps of Demographic and Socioeconomic Data

Maps displaying a variety of demographic and socioeconomic data can be found linked through the Neighborhood Demographics and Census Tract Demographics sections.

Map Galleries

  • Major Squares Map Gallery

    Maps of the City's five major commercial squares.

  • Transportation Map Gallery

    Map gallery of transportation related maps for the City of Cambridge.

  • Zoning Map Gallery

    Provides access to maps delineating the base zoning in effect throughout the city as well maps of a variety of overlay districts, which modify the base zoning.

  • Other Maps of Interest

    Other maps of the City of Cambridge, including those for land use, permitting, Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy (NRS) area, tech companies, farmers markets, and institutional ownership.