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There are more than 500 affordable homeownership units in the City of Cambridge. When a current owner decides to sell their unit, a new buyer is selected from the Homeownership Resale Pool administered by the Housing Division.


If you are interested in applying to the Resale Pool, please download the application and guidelines here or call the Housing Information Line at 617/349-4622 and request a Resale Pool application.


The Resale Pool is open to households earning between 50% and 100% AMI adjusted for household size. Click here for current income limits.

How the Pool Works

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. Preference is given to Cambridge residents and households with children. When you have submitted your application and all the required documentation, it will be reviewed to determine the unit size and preference group for your household.

Unit sizes are determined based on Housing Division occupancy standards. The standards require that adults in a relationship share a bedroom. Children of the same sex must share a bedroom unless they are more than ten years apart in age. Applicants may choose to underhouse themselves by selecting a smaller unit.

Applicants are placed into the appropriate preference group by unit size in the order applications are received. When units become available, Housing Division staff starts with the first applicant in the highest priority group and determines if that applicant has the necessary income and assets to purchase the unit. As units become available, eligible applicants will be shown units that are affordable to them based on their place within their preference group.

When an applicant decides to purchase a unit, they enter into a contract to purchase the unit and then must obtain conventional mortgage financing from a bank. All buyers must sign an Affordable Housing Covenant, which includes limited equity provisions, residency requirements, and resale restrictions for the affordable unit.

Once you are in the Resale Pool, it is important to update the Housing Division if you have a change in income, household size, or other circumstance that may affect your eligibility or ability to purchase a home. All changes must be submitted in writing via email to Antonia Finley, Homebuyer Coordinator, at afinley@cambridgema.gov , or by mail to:

Housing Division
344 Broadway
3rd Floor
Cambridge, MA 02139
Attn: Antonia Finley

Available Units

The units offered through the Resale Pool are units that are currently subject to an Affordable Housing restrictions held by the City. Available units were developed through a variety of City programs and are located throughout the city. They range from units in high-rises to townhouses to small buildings. It is impossible to predict what type of units will be available next or when a unit will be offered to a particular family. When an applicant is eligible for a unit, Housing Division staff will show the unit to the applicant and answer any questions about the unit. Housing Division staff will work with buyers through the purchase process and provide assistance in understanding available mortgage products.

Resale pool units are priced to be affordable to varying income levels depending on the Affordable Housing restriction for each unit. “Affordable” means that a household would generally not be paying more than 30% of gross income for housing costs. Housing costs include mortgage principal and interest; property taxes; condominium fee; and insurance.

Newly developed units are not offered through the Resale Pool. Homebuyers for newly developed units are selected through separate application processes and resulting lotteries. Information on other available units is available here. Applicants in the Resale Pool will be  notified of other ownership units offered through the City for which they may be eligible.

Answers to frequently asked questions about the Resale Pool can be found here.

For More Information

For additional information on the Resale Pool, please contact Antonia Finley, Homebuyer Coordinator, at 617/349-4643 or afinley@cambridgema.gov .

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