Farmer Markets

Locations of 2014 Winter Farmer Markets
2014 Winter Markets

Did you know that for much of the year you can find a farmer market operating every day of the week in Cambridge and during the winter on Wednesdays and Saturdays? 

The City supports the six farmers markets in a variety of ways, which include facilitating the use of city land, publicizing the markets on the City and Health Department web sites and providing assistance to vendors for permit processing and other matters.  The City will continue to work with all farmers’ markets to promote and improve access to fresh, healthy, food including locally grown. 

During the Spring, Summer and Fall the City supports six farmer markets. Two farmers markets accept EBT/SNAP - the Central Square Market and the Harvard University Market.  During the Winter of 2013 to 2014 two markets will be active in the City, one at the Cambridge Community Center in the Riverside neighborhood and one at the Alexandria Atrium near Kendall Square.  For more details see this poster:

2014 Winter Farmer Markets Poster

Winter Farmer Markets

Two Winters Farmer Markets will be held in Cambridge during the 2013 - 2014 season:

Where Are the Spring to Fall Farmer Markets?

See the Summer to Fall 2014 map of Farmer Markets in and around Cambridge.

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