Basic Requirements

  1. The Contractor must be bonded by the City of Cambridge, with a minimum bond of five thousand dollars ($5,000)
  2. If the Contractor has never performed water works construction for the City of Cambridge they must submit two (2) letters of recommendation from other cities/towns in the Commonwealth.
  3. The Contractor must submit a package, consisting of the following, to the Cambridge Water Department‘s Engineering Division for review.
    1. Engineering plan on the nature of the work to be done. Emphasis on the existing and anticipated conditions.
    2. Contractor’s Tax ID number
    3. Dig Safe number
    4. Contractor’s/Owner’s contact information
    5. Submittals if necessary
    6. Associated fees, normally $100 per inspection with $1,000 deposit. (actual fees to be determined by the Water Department)The deposit will be refunded upon approved completion of the work.
  4. The review process will take a minimum of 3 working days. Permits must be obtained in person at 250 Fresh Pond Parkway. Please call the Engineering Division Office at 617 349-4137 for an appointment.
  5. Failure to obtain a Water Construction Permit will result in assessment of fines and potential exclusion from future work in the City of Cambridge.