Northeast Sector Project Goal #1

Goal 1: Improve the health of Fresh Pond Reservoir by reducing erosion and enhancing natural filtration processes

Upland Slope Management

During the Northeast Sector project, regarding work was conducted in the hilly areas below Neville Place will reduce erosion, keeping the soil of these slopes in place and sediment out of the Reservoir. While some tree thinning was necessary during the restoration project, much of the tree and brush material has been used in the creation of erosion control structures on the slopes. Brush from tree pruning was placed on the hillside to facilitate the growth of new native underbrush while the logs produce were used as barriers to catch sediment and hold it in place while vegetation grows.

Wetland and Small Water Body Management

Wetlands are the natural world's water treatment plant. The area of Lusitania Meadow closest to the Reservoir was once a wet meadow, but was filled in over the years from construction projects around Fresh Pond. The surface water from Lusitania Meadow drains into the Reservoir, making the restoration of the wet meadow a vital aspect of the Northeast Sector Project. The constructed wetland now filters the surface water moving in the direction of the Reservoir, resulting in overall healthier water and lower cleaning costs.

Soil Management

Much of the soil in the Northeast Sector had been degraded over time due to overuse and changes in the local environment. Area construction projects had used Lusitania Meadow for dumping fill, and so introduced dirt with less than desirable characteristics. This led to poorly functioning soils that were less porous, sustained fewer organisms, and held less water and nutrients. During the northeast sector project, these soils were gathered together and revitalized with a mixture of compost and sand, then reused on site.