Automated Meter Reading Device, Broken or Damaged Meters

Automated Meter Reading Device

All meters that are being read by the Cambridge Water Department must have an automated meter reading device called a meter transmitting unit or MTU, connected to the meter. Each MTU is wired to a meter and then mounted to the inside or outside of a building in a location that will facilitate sufficient transmission of meter readings to the Cambridge Water Department.

For all new installations, an MTU will be furnished and installed by the Cambridge Water Department unless the necessary location to mount the device is inaccessible, in which case the owner's assistance will be required to mount the MTU.

For those circumstances in which an existing MTU must be removed or relocated (e.g. demolition and remodeling a building), the Cambridge Water Department must be contacted to remove or relocate the device. Owners must ensure that MTUs are removed and returned to the Cambridge Water Department in an undamaged condition. The owner is responsible for any MTUs that are lost or damaged after installation. Lost or damaged MTUs will be replaced at the owner's expense and charged $300.00 by the Cambridge Water Department.

Broken or Damaged Meters

Once notified that a meter is broken or missing, the Cambridge Water Department will install a new meter, provided that the premises are meter-ready. If plumbing work is necessary to make the premises meter-ready, the Cambridge Water Department will provide plumbing specifications to enable the owner to prepare the premises for meter installation

The replacement of a frozen meter or a meter that is lost in service shall be at the owner's expense and charged by meter size:

Meter Size  Cost 
 5/8"  $120.00
 3/4"  $140.00
 1"  $210.00
 1 1/2"  $540.00
 2"  $750.00