Understanding Your Water Bill

water bill example 

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 1. Account Number – This identifies you and your property address in our billing system. Please use this number whenever you contact us with questions about your account.

2. Service Address – This is property location or service address.

3. Bill Date – This is the date the bill was issued.

4. Due Date – This is the date the that your payment must be received by the City of Cambridge in order to avoid interest charges. All bills are due and payable upon receipt.

5. Total Due – This is the amount due by the due date. It includes the amount of your current bill and any unpaid previous bills, if applicable.

6. Remit Portion – This is the section of the bill to return with your payment. Please write your water account number on the check.

7. Previous Meter Reading – This is the meter reading taken from your previous bill.

8. Current Meter Reading – This is the reading taken at the end of this billing period.

9. Usage – This is the usage for this bill.

10. Charges – This details the water and sewer (if applicable) charges of your bill.

11. Amount Paid – This is the amount that you paid.

12. Message Box – This section contains current messages and alerts from the Cambridge Water Department.

13. Mailing Address – This is the address where the bill is be mailed.

14. Read Code – This is the type of read. Please refer to the read code table (15)