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Cycle to the Source 2021 (Registration Required)
Saturday, October 2nd- 8:30am to 4:00pm
Meets at the Water Treatment Plant, 250 Fresh Pond Parkway
Rain date is Sunday October 3rd 

Cycle to the Source is a 33-mile bike tour of the Cambridge Watershed. It is a chance to explore where your water comes from, how it is collected, and what steps are taken to ensure the city has clean drinking water. Lead by Cambridge Water Department staff and guides from Urban Adventours, this event is free and open to the public but for safety reasons is for adults only. It will include stops at the upper reservoirs, dams, gatehouses, and the CWD field office. The ride starts and ends at the Walter J. Sullivan Purification Facility at 250 Fresh Pond Parkway, and explores the Cambridge watershed, which includes the lands and reservoirs in Lincoln, Lexington, Weston, and Waltham. Register at here or with if you’d like to participate! All you need is a working bike, helmet, lunch, and water. If you would like to join but need a bike, Urban Adventours rents hybrid and road bikes that are suitable for the event. $65 would cover the cost of the bike, helmet, and delivery to Fresh Pond on the morning of the tour. Visit their website for more information.


Walter J Sullivan Water Purification Facility Tour
Monday, October 4th - 6:00pm to 7:30pm 
Meets at the Water Treatment Plant (front door), 250 Fresh Pond Parkway

Come learn how the Cambridge Water Department purifies drinking water for your tap after it’s conveyed from nearby Fresh Pond into our facility.  You’ll have the chance to speak with water treatment staff, see the equipment in action and check out our water quality lab!  For more information, contact Ranger Tim at (617) 349-6489 or  Please call ahead if coming with a large group.


Fascinating Fungi of Fresh Pond
Sunday, October 27th - 2:00pm to 4:30pm
Meets at Fresh Pond's Maher Park ( 650 Concord Ave.)

Mycologist Lawrence Millman has identified more than 320 mushroom species at Fresh Pond Reservation. For the past 16 years he has led Fresh Pond mushroom forays that give participants the chance to add to this list as well as learn more about the world of fungi. Dr. Millman is the author of Fascinating Fungi of New England, the first guidebook devoted exclusively to New England mushrooms. To register and for important parking information, email Ranger Tim at 





All programs are free and open to the public!

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