Remote Printing 

Printing from your computer, laptop or mobile device is available through the Cambridge Public Library’s remote printing service. Please note we have temporarily modified some procedures to allow us to offer this service during the pandemic. 

  • Print up to 25 pages per day, free of charge. 
  • We cannot accept payments for additional pages. 
  • Documents will be printed in black-and-white, single-sided, on 8.5” x 11” paper.  

Acceptable Use 

Your use of the Library’s remote printing must comply with all Library policies, including the Behavior Policy and Computer Use Policy. Illegal activity is strictly prohibited and will result in the loss of library privileges and possible criminal prosecution. 



Your privacy is very important to us. In order to deliver this service, staff will preview, print and then put your documents into an envelope. We will do this in a professional manner but cannot guarantee complete privacy for remote printing services.



Step 1: On the Remote Printing website, log in with your library card number and password/PIN. 

 Remote Printing

Step 2: Select and upload the documents you want to print from your computer, laptop or mobile device. Your documents will only remain on the secure remote printing website for 7 days, after which they will be deleted automatically. 

Click on “Select a file to upload.” 

Remote Printing Step 2

Click on the name of the file and then click “Open.” 

Remote Printing Step 3

Click the blue “Upload” button on the right side of the screen. 

 Remote Printing Step 4

Look for the “File uploaded successfully!” message in green. 

Remote Printing Step 5

Step 3: Call the Main Library or branch from which you wish to arrange pickup of your uploaded documents during our service hours. We will hold printouts at the pickup location for 7 days, after which they’ll be shredded. 


Form Printing


If you do not have Internet access and there is a page or form on a public website that you need, please call the Main Library or branch from which you wish to arrange pickup during service hours to speak with someone who can print it for you and arrange a time for pickup.  

Staff cannot fill out forms for others or access any online resources that require a log-in or specific identifying personal information.