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Takeout Technology


The Cambridge Public Library has a variety of technology available to borrow for a two-week loan period with two automatic renewals if no one is waiting. 

Many thanks to Google Cambridge for their generous support of this initiative.  


1. Call us to request a device

Call us during our service hours to request a device from the list below.

Main Library:                    617-349-4425 
Boudreau Branch:            617-349-4017
Central Square Branch:   617-349-4010  
Collins Branch:                617-349-4021
O’Connell Branch:           617-349-4019
O’Neill Branch:                617-349-4023
Valente Branch:               617-349-4015

Provide your library card number and let us know what you would like to borrow. 

2. Pick up your device 

When your requested item is ready for pickup, we will call you and hold the item for 5 open days. You can pickup during our current service hours.  

3. Return your device

Return your device to a service desk during our service hours. Takeout Technology must be returned to the same location you picked up the item.


Takeout Technology Items

Chromebook Laptop

Available at all Library locations

Chromebooks are simple laptop computers that allow you to check email, watch streaming video, take online classes and more.

You will need internet access in order to use a Chromebook. Comcast xfinity WiFi is free during the crisis (no comcast account or login required). This can provide an alternate way to get online.


Mobile Hotspot

Available at all Library locations

Mobile hotspots are simple devices that provide a wireless internet connection (Wi-Fi). You can use a mobile hotspot together with a library chromebook, or with your own computer.


Portable DVD Player

Available at all Library locations

A portable DVD player with its own mini screen -- everything you need to watch DVDs. 


GoPro Hero 8

Available at all Library locations

A digital video camera designed for recording action while being immersed in it.


Computer mice

USB to USB-C Adapters

Select phone/device chargers

Select laptop chargers