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Museum Passes

Please note: Many museums are currently only admitting visitors through timed, pre-scheduled entry through their own websites or box offices. You are responsible for checking a museum's ticketing procedure to make sure you have reserved a spot with the museum on the day you use a library museum pass. The library-provided passes are for discounted admission only; they do not act as an actual admission ticket unless specified by the museum. You must schedule admission directly with the museum ahead of your reservation date.

Museum Pass Policies:

  • Patrons must present the valid Minuteman library card used to reserve the museum pass when picking up a pass.
  • The library card account must be in good standing to reserve or checkout a pass.
  • Only one pass per household may be borrowed for any one day.
  • Patrons are allowed to borrow each museum pass once every 30 days.
  • Passes may be reserved up to 30 days in advance.
  • Passes may be picked up any time and do not have to be returned.
  • Please note that the Main and Branch libraries are not open every day. You need to arrange to pick up a pass ahead of time for days when that library location is closed. Library hours and locations can be found here.

Reserve a museum pass here